Thursday, February 21, 2019

Containing the Chaos: {Pantry Organization with World Market}

Happy Thursday!  Today I am super excited to be partnering up with World Market ! They asked me to share some tips and tricks on how I keep my pantry organized!  This post contains affiliate links to items I used, or similar items, and will take you to their website. 

I know getting organized can seem like a daunting task, but the good news is, once you get organized it is super easy to keep things tidy!  I like to call my approach "containing the chaos", because that is what it truly is!  It isn't hard, it is kind of fun to do and you will love the outcome!

Here are the steps I recommend:

1. Take everything out of your pantry...yes, everything!  If you have lived in your home for awhile, you might be shocked at what you will find.  I have lived in my home for almost 2 years and while I was giving my pantry a little refresh, I found a few expired things....and some very stale marshmallows! While you are checking dates on things, be sure and throw out anything expired, obviously, but also thing you know you are not going to eat!

2. Sort items into groups...canned foods, breads/tortillas, baking goods, chips/crackers/snacks, cereal/breakfast get the idea. 

3.  Clean the pantry...give the shelves a good scrub, vacuum the floor and mop if necessary.  If needed, give it a fresh coat of paint. 

4. Measure your space and come up with a plan.  This is a good time to take inventory of what you have in your pantry most of the time.  How many baskets, bins and jars do you need to contain your chaos? Measure the shelves so you know what size items you are looking for and how many can fit.  

Side note: I have a huge pantry in my current home but in my last home it wasn't as big.  No matter the size, baskets, bins and jars will help keep things tidy and organized! I promise!

5. Shop...first shop your house and see what you have that you can use.  Any baskets, trays, bins, jars, etc.  Use what you have first, then shop for additional needs. 

You will see below that I have a variety of baskets, bins, etc.  I have collected these throughout the years and they all worked great for my space.  I did head to World Market to grab a few new baskets that worked better than what I was using.  Here is the before and after of the small area I updated.  I love the open baskets that allow items to be seen and organized better.



Find these baskets here:
Link: Metal Storage Baskets

6. Get busy...this is the easy and fun part.  Group items together and place them in the bins, baskets, jars, etc.  This is where you figure out what works best for your family.  We are a family of just 2 so what works for us, might not work for your family.  I find that snacks being on the low shelf, easily seen, works best for us and cuts down on the number of times I hear, "mom, I am hungry"!  My daughter can go into the pantry and see all her options easily!  

Here is what I did:

Basket 1: bread, tortillas, wraps
Basket 2: chips, popcorn, large bagged snacks
Basket 3: canned foods, fruit cups, boxed items such as mac and cheese
Basket 4: baking goods, cake mixes, etc.
Basket 5: crackers, graham crackers, etc.
Basket 6: catch all...anything that doesn't go into one of the above

similar storage baskets here: 

Bin: cereals (remove from box to save space)
Bin: fresh fruits and veggies
Small Bins: all the snacks
Wire Basket: syrup, peanut butter, cooking oil, etc.

Shop metal bins, baskets and crates here:

Jars: more snacks...animal crackers, cereal bars, oatmeal packets, fruit snacks, granola bars, etc...

Shop my glass jars here:
Link: One Gallon Glass Jar
Link: Half Gallon Glass Jar

I also used some glass jars I already owned for flour, sugar, sweetener, chocolate chips, etc...

Shop glass jars and canisters here:

7. Enjoy your hard work!  Having things grouped together and easily seen will help you know exactly what you have and what you need next time you go to the store. Your kids will quickly learn where things go and where to find what they need.  My daughter actually enjoys putting groceries away now because she knows where everything goes! It is so easy to keep clean and organized once you are finished! 

You will also see that I have a lot of décor in my pantry.  Luckily, I have a large pantry that can hold my overflow/extra décor pieces.  I also can totally hide things like light bulbs, paper towels, paper plates, seasonal table linens, etc. in all my extra bins and baskets!  This is pretty much the largest storage area in my townhome, so I have to utilize each inch of my space!  World Market has a huge selection of storage baskets and bins to organize any space!  Shop their entire collection here:
Link: Storage Baskets

Check out these collection for more kitchen storage solutions:
Link: Kitchen Storage Collection

I hope this post inspires you to "contain the chaos" in your own home!  It is a great feeling to walk into an organized home!  

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Thank you, World Market, for sponsoring this post and allowing me to share your great products with my audience!