Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Tuesday Ten: {Back to School Fashion With a Picky 7 Year Old}

We survived the first day of school with smiles all around!  One battle I am facing is the fashion face-off with my 7 year old!  She definitely knows what she likes and it usually isn't exactly what I have in mind...however, we did some shopping and agreed on these pieces.  I kept her out of a particular store that has lots and lots of glitter...if you are a girl mom, you know the one!  There is nothing wrong with that store, except when you accidentally wash your husband's shirts with a glittery graphic tee from said store....not that I would ever do such a thing! ;) 

I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite finds with you incase you face the same battle we do! The first outfit shown was what my daughter wore the first day of school, only she wore a plain black skirt because they didn't have the cute floral one in her size in store, but we ordered it and cannot wait to get it!  The shoes are so cute in person and fit pretty true to size.  If your child is a half size, order up!

The gray, floral dress and gray ankle boots is what she wore today...and it is one of my favorite outfits!  When it gets chilly outside, we will add leggings and a jean jacket!  The plaid dress and last outfit will be perfect when the weather gets cooler....hurry up fall!

All items' affiliate links are below.  Just click on the description and you will be taken to the store link.  Right now all the kids' shoes at Target are Buy one, get one free online!!

Sources: (Click on description)
  1. Quote Tee
  2. Swing Dress (more colors available)
  3. Plaid Dress
  4. Morning Person Tee
  5. Floral Skirt (more patterns available)
  6. Leopard Skirt
  7. Leopard High Tops
  8. Gray Ankle Boots
  9. Gold Slip-On
10. Jean Jacket

Pretty cute stuff, right? I wish those boots came in adult size!  Have a great week!

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