Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Tuesday Ten: {Fall Foliage and Filler}

Happy 1st day of September.  It still feels like summer here in the Dallas area so I am keeping the pumpkins packed up for a few more weeks but I am eager to start decorating!  These natured inspired finds caught my eye and would be perfect to use while creating a fall vignette!  Links to each item can be found under the picture!

Item Links:
  1. Yellow Craspedia Bundle
  2. Large Wheat Bundle
  3. Dried Lavender Bundles
  4. Birch Log Bundle
  5. Blackbeard Wheat Sheaf
  6. Cotton Wreath
  7. Mini-Pumpkin Pods
  8. Walnut Wood Base
  9. Acorn Bowl Filler
10. Artificial Mini-Pumpkins

When do you decorate for fall?

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