Friday, December 18, 2015

Pancakes & Pajamas: A New Christmas Tradition {Sponsored by Bed, Bath and Beyond}

I say the same thing every fast time flies during the holidays.  This year has been no exception so I am determined to slow down and take time to focus on what really matters during these last few weeks of 2015!

This year I wanted to create a fun breakfast for my family to enjoy.  Let's be honest, breakfast is not a meal that we eat together often.  During the week my girls (ages 8 and 18)  leave for school at different times so they eat at different times, too.  During the weekend, we usually have sporting events or activities to attend so we eat on the go.  I decided we needed to start a new tradition....and with that "Pancakes and Pajamas" came to be!

With the help of the great people at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I got all the goodies to create a fun and festive table setting.  I picked up a few seasonal items that can be used year after year but I also selected items that I can used throughout the year for different occasions. 

Each place setting was adorned with a red snowflake placemat, a Santa utensil holder, individual tart tins filled with syrup and whipped cream, a glass "milk" bottle with a cute, striped straw and a little red coaster to add a decorative touch. 


I always like to shop in every section of every never know what you will find!  The little tart tins come in two sizes can be used in so many ways. I spotted them in the baking section and immediately thought of several ways to use them!  I plan on using them again when we decorate cookies and gingerbread houses. They will be perfect to hold candies and sprinkles!  I also used them to hold flameless tea-lights.  I love the scalloped edges and metal adds a little vintage vibe to the table!

The gingerbread men string lights are probably my favorite thing on this table!  I love that they are battery operated so they can be used anywhere!  I will be using these every Christmas to add a fun touch to our kitchen!

As mentioned above, I bought a lot of items that were not seasonal so that I can use them throughout the year!  The above cake pedestal and Acacia wood server (I picked up 2 of these) will be used frequently!  The possibilities are endless for these items! For our breakfast, they served as a functional and festive center piece!

The second wood server was used for a beverage station.  These adorable ceramic pieces just add a decorative touch and are a cute way to serve juice and milk. 
Since we had so much sugar present, I felt the need to balance our meal with some fresh fruit! Ha! This paddleboard serving set was perfect for our fruit bar!
I love this set so much, I cannot wait to use it again for an upcoming college football playoff watching party.  Of course it will be filled with guacamole, queso and salsa for that event!  I have a feeling we will use this set all of the time!
And because Bed, Bath and Beyond has a such a wide variety of products, I HAD to mosey over to the pillow section of the store and somehow those 2 cable-knit, fur trimmed pillows ended up in my cart!  I love the fur edges...they add such a warm touch to our breakfast nook!
Of course I took these photos BEFORE the event because I knew it wouldn't stay like this for very long but that is perfectly okay!  Here is a hint: wait until the kiddos are in bed and set everything up the night before.  Just add the food in the morning and enjoy! This is something we will be doing every year from now on and it will always be a surprise as to what day it will be on!  I hope this is something my girls will continue to do when they have their own families! 
What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?
Featured Products: Gingerbread String Lights // White Cake Stand // Milk Bottle/Straws-Set of 4  // Paddle Board Serving Set // Snowflake Coaster Set // Santa Utensil Holders // Flameless Tea Lights //White Pitcher // Ceramic Milk Bottle // Acacia Wood Server // Dishes // Fur Trimmed Knit Pillow // In store only: Tart Tins (used as tea-light holders) // Snowflake Placemats

I would like to thank Bed, Bath and Beyond for sponsoring this post.  It is always a pleasure to work on fun projects with companies I have been a customer of for years! 

To find the Bed, Bath and Beyond nearest you, visit their store locator HERE!


  1. Everything is beautiful and festive! I just have to say those are the most perfect, consistent pancakes I've ever seen! Please tell me they're the frozen kind or from McDonald's.....or how I can get my pancakes to come out that good! I'm envious (and now a little hungry)!

    1. These are small....try a silver dollar pancake pan!! Thanks for the sweet words!