Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate: {Rope Chandeliers}

Happy Wednesday!  I had planned on doing my Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate posts on Sundays, but this one just couldn't is that good!  Let's get to it....

I have always loved the look of the industrial rope chandeliers but the price tags were a little extreme for my I did a little shopping and here is what I found...

Break the Bank: $1295
Link: Rope Filament Chandelier - Rectangular

Cheapskate:  $399.99
Affiliate Link: Hemp Rope Rectangular Chandelier


Break the Bank: $995 (sale $700)
Link: Small Round Rope Chandelier

Cheapskate: $350.99
Affiliate Link: Round 8 Light Rope Chandelier

Seriously, who wouldn't want to save that kind of money for the identical product! 

Do you have an item you would like to find a "cheapskate" version of?  Leave a comment below and let me know what it is....I just might feature it in a post soon!!

*Please note, I do not own these products so I cannot vouch for the quality of any item linked,  I simply share look-a like products that are more budget friendly.  Please read the reviews or do your own research before buying a product.  Most of the time I only share products that have reviews, in some cases the products might be newly listed so they do not have reviews when I post. 

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