Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Finds: {Affordable Coffee Tables}

Yay for Friday!  Yay for the weekend!  Yay for affordable coffee tables!
I am in the market for a new coffee table for our game room.  I haven't really decided what look I want but I have come across some awesome options for great prices!  The best part...they all have great reviews, something I always pay attention to when shopping online!

Check these out....

Click on the description for direct link to each table:
1. Rustic Wood and Metal Table
2. Wooden Cart Table
3. Industrial Metal Table
4. Wood Slat Table
5. Wood and Chrome Table (other colors available)
6. Retro "Hairpin" Coffee Table
7. Wooden 2 Drawer Table (several colors available)
8. French Country Table (other color options available)

I really love the simplicity of #4, but #2 is kind of fun and unique!  I would totally buy #3, but we have a metal coffee table in our living room very similar.  Decisions, decisions!  Which one if your favorite?

You can check out last week's Friday Finds post by clicking HERE!
Have a great weekend!


  1. I love these posts because I have Amazon Prime and I never really have time to just look around for stuff like this. I added some of this to my wish list to show the hubby later.

    1. Love Amazon because it is a one stop shop for everything!!

  2. Love the cart, I refinish the old antique factory carts for coffee tables, they are a hit here in Canada. Love the rustic look

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  4. So many styles in coffee table and each style is just wonderful in itself. Some of them remind me of the colonial era and others are too sleek and trendy.