Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Finds: {Recessed Lighting Conversion Pendants}

I am so excited about this week's Friday Finds post!  Why? Because this product is genius and I have often wished for something this easy, especially in a home full of recessed lighting.  Don't get me wrong, I love recessed lighting, but there are some areas in our home where a pendant or a chandelier would have been more visually appealing! 

Why didn't I think of this??  These pendants just screw into the recessed light like a regular bulb would.  Looks pretty easy to me....

So here are my Friday Finds for this week.  Look at all these I the only one excited about these?  All the source links are listed below, just click on the corresponding number/description. The reviews are great and the prices are very reasonable!  I am pretty sure they have made one to fit every style....

 1.  Malley Conversions Pendant
 2. Glass Globe Conversion Pendant
 3. Globe Cage Conversion Pendant
 4. Hammered Copper Conversion Pendant
 5. Linen Shade Conversion Pendant
 6. Crystal Drop Conversion Pendant
 7. Glass Star Conversion Pendant
 8. a. Industrial Dome Conversion Pendant-Silver
     b. Industrial Dome Conversion Pendant-Bronze
 9. Harper Glass Conversion Pendant
10. Silver Drum Conversion Pendant
11. Bronze Bell Conversion Pendant
12. Silver Bell Conversion Pendant
13. Silver Cage Industrial Conversion Pendant
And here are a few small chandeliers that work the same way.  I am really hoping they will come out with additional designs but here are some fun options: (again, click below for source links)

Instant Chandeliers:
1. Charlotte 3 Light Instant Chandelier
2. Claire 3 Light Instant Chandelier
3. Rogen 3 Light Instant Chandelier

What do you think?  I think this is such an easy way to change up the whole look of a room! 

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Replies
    1. I know, wish it had been my idea!
      Have a great weekend!!

  2. I love these & hate these because of all the trouble we went through with our big chandys hahaha ! I saw something like this someone posted on IG a few days ago & thought geeeez so simple & smart !! Have a great weekend !


  3. I love all of those pendants! Those are just my style. I think it would be so nice to get some new lighting in my living room. Maybe three of the same pendants hung in a row would look good. Thanks for making that list and linking to where I can find these.

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  5. Just wanted to confirm; are the chandeliers metal (the brushed or painted parts) or some other material?