Thursday, April 2, 2015

DIY: {Wood Bead Garland Strand}

Last week I was doing some shopping and of course had to run into Pottery Barn to look around.  I came across this wood bead garland and loved the look of it...

They had a few different options that ranged from $24.95-$34.95.  Now that is not a terrible price, but I knew I could make it for a lot less.  I left the mall and headed to Hobby Lobby where I found some great wood beads for $1.99/package.  I had twine at home but you can find it at any craft store and usually at most dollar stores!

With the help of my 7 year old daughter and a crochet needle, we simply strung the beads onto the twine...

Once we used all the beads, we just tied the ends together...seriously the easiest DIY ever!

For under $5, I would say this project was a huge hit!

I cannot wait to make more!  What do you think about it?

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