Monday, February 23, 2015

DIY: {Rustic Glass Jar Candle Holder}

This just might be the easiest DIY project easy that I doubt you need instructions, but I wanted to share anyway!

I wanted to add another set of glass jars to my mantle but didn't want to spend a fortune.
I came across these jars for just $5.99/each.  I loved that they had a little detail to them and it happened to match the details on the larger ones I already have on my mantle.

I simply wrapped some grapevine wire around the top of the jar and then just twisted/tucked the end around the wire to secure it.  You could also use twine or jute rope for a coastal look.

Told you it was the easiest DIY ever!

I added a candle then placed them (I made two of these) on my mantle and love the way they look! The grapevine wire just adds some much needed texture and interest to the jar. I love the way they tie into my larger jars.

Want to create your own?

Shopping List:

Grapevine wire:
Most craft stores carry it in the floral section.
Find it online here: LINK

Glass Jars:
Check any store in the food storage/kitchen section, recycle an old food jar or check a local thrift store.
Find one online here: LINK

Check back later this week for our "pre-spring" mantle reveal!  Have a great week!


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  2. So cute! Where is your favorite place to find stems for your mantel?

    1. Hi Kim, I usually get them at Hobby Lobby or Michaels!

  3. So perfect! I need to track down some grapevine wire!

  4. So charming! The texture adds such warmth. I love stylish and easy projects like this ;-)