Friday, September 12, 2014

From Orange to Gray: {Easy Pumpkin Transformation}

I love everything about fall, but I do not love the color orange in my home.  If you've seen my home, you know I am a neutral loving girl.  So...I decided that gray pumpkins were perfectly acceptable and decided to create a cute, gray pumpkin.

I purchased this plastic pumpkin at At Home (the store formerly known as Garden Ridge).  You can find plastic pumpkins at any craft store and most dollar stores.  I liked this one for the realistic shape and stem. I paid a whooping $6, but it was worth it for the "plump" shape! 

BRIGHT ORANGE looks real though, right?  Isn't it cute?

I always have craft paint on hand, these at around $1-$2 at any craft store.  I love "Gris", it is the perfect medium gray color!

Step 1: Paint the pumpkin gray...I painted the stem too, I didn't really mean to, but it happened and I went with it.  Don't make things more difficult than they need to be. If you paint it, then go with it!  I did a few coats....just cover the orange and you are good!

Step 2: Dry brush the white paint onto the pumpkin. 

How do you do this?  Super easy...dip the tips of the brush into the paint.  Lightly swipe the brush onto a piece of paper removing any clumps then swipe the brush back and forth and up and down the pumpkin.  You cannot mess up...just keep going until the white paint is evenly applied to the gray surface.  I also did the stem.  Keep going until you get the look you want.  I had no plans for this....I just started painting it and I love the look I ended up with! 

Tip: I buy cheap brushes, usually from Dollar need for fancy brushes for projects like this!  I wash them after using them and they are good to go for next time!  Between coats, you can place the brush in a plastic bag so the bristles don't get sticky while the paint dries.


This project took about 15 minutes...allow a few minutes of dry time between coats,  I did 2 coats of gray and one swipe of white.  Keep brushing the white paint until there are no areas that look saturated.  Super easy and fun!

I plan on doing a lot more this weekend using different colors (all neutral, of course) and some other techniques!  This little gray pumpkin ended up in our living room....I kind of love it!


What do you think?  Is this a project you plan on doing for fall?


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Our Home {Touches of Fall}

With it still being really hot in the Dallas area, I haven't gotten into fall mode just yet.  As much as I want to break out the pumpkins and pine cones, I have settled with a few fall touches here and there.  This year I am keeping things simple using natural elements and neutral colors.  Here are a few things I have done so far...


Started off with an "almost fall" chalkboard quote....
I added a galvanized pitcher and some wheat to my Homegoods lantern.  I love the simplicity of it!  I love using candles to create ambiance!

 The natural elements flow nicely with the decor in the entryway. 

The wicker baskets and different types of wood add some texture and interest to the entryway.  I will add a few fall items to this vignette later on, but for now I am loving the simple look.

A simple addition of some pine cone adorned branches into the dining room tablescape adds a touch of fall into this space and will also be perfect in the winter months. 

Over the next few weeks, I will be doing some more fall decorating, including our fall mantle, so check back soon.  Hopefully the weather will cool down so it feels like fall! 
Have a great week!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Break the Bank vs Cheapskate {Scroll Mirror}

It is no secret that Restoration Hardware has some amazing pieces.  I, for one, am always swooning over their mirrors.  I had a client that fell in love with the Mansard mirror but wanted to see if I could find one that mimicked the look for a little less...and that I did!  Check it out!

Break the Bank:
Restoration Hardware
Link: Salvaged Mansard Scroll Mirror

Link: Distressed Oval Scrollwork Mirror
$79.99 (on sale)

This is a pretty great option for $265 in savings, don't you think so?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shop the Look {Entryway}

If you loved the look of our entryway I shared yesterday, check out the items I found to create the same look!
Our entryway:

Shop the look:

Sources: Metal Cart / Topiary Trio / Wire Basket / Birch Wood / Wicker Basket Set of 3

Check back tomorrow for my next Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate post! It's a good one!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Our Home {Entryway Update}

  Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! We spent a lot of time watching football (Boomer Sooner) and relaxing with friends.  I also completed our entryway... isn't it amazing how accomplished you feel when you get a project done that has been in the works for months?

  I really had no plans for this space until I came across a chippy, industrial cart at an antique store and couldn't pass it up.  I put it in our entry just to get it out of the way and kind of fell in love with how well it fit the space.  Once I decided to try it out there, I went out shopping  for some accessories to compliment it's industrial vibe.  I didn't want to over-power it with a lot of accessories, so I stuck with some simple, natural elements!

  Once I got it styled, I went searching for the perfect wall decor to hang behind it.  Again, I needed something fun and interesting but nothing that was going to be heavy and too much for the space.  I found these three wicker nesting baskets and immediately knew they would do the job!

After that side was complete, the right side of the door was looking sad and bare. I had purchased 2 antique printer's drawers a few months ago and thought they might be perfect.  I am pretty happy with the way they balanced out the space and the element of surprise they add to the other side of the door.

I really like the vintage, industrial feel the space has now.  The natural elements add some texture and the neutral colors flow well with the rest of the house.

A little close up of what I styled the printer's drawers with....

Scrabble tiles, letter Hs (for our last name), cast iron numbers that represent our wedding anniversary, old door plates and a few metal arrows.  I plan on adding more fun items as I collect them!

The view from our living room, the pieces work well with my old card catalog!

I love the way it looks and am glad I came across that little, chippy cart!  It is amazing what happens when you aren't really shopping for something specific but come across something that you just have to have! My biggest advice to people when it comes to decorating is not to shop for a something to go in a specific spot but to buy things you really will always find a spot for them!

Check back later this week for a "Shop the Look" post where I give you some ideas on how to create the same look in your home!

Have a great week!

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