Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Great Value Brand Easy Crockpot Alfredo Tortellini: {Sponsored by Walmart}

Thank you, Walmart, for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are mine.  Affiliate links are used in this post and I can be rewarded with a small commission paid to me by Walmart when the links are used and a purchase is made.  Thanks for your support!

I cannot believe we are halfway through September already. We have been busy doing ALL THE THINGS high school entails and things are only going to be more hectic when track and club volleyball season get going. After school activities will soon dictate my nights and I will be playing taxi to and from events. I always try to simplify things when I can, so it just makes sense to let someone else do the grocery shopping for me!  This is where my good friend, Walmart, comes into play.  I have used their grocery pickup and delivery services for a few years now and it has saved me so much time and money!  It is amazing how much we were spending on stuff we didn't need just because we would see it while grocery shopping.  Now I stick to my list while saving money and time!  If you haven't used their services, now is a great time to start. New customers can use code TRIPLE10 to take $10 off a purchase of $50 or more.  Restrictions/fees apply.

Since we had a busy week of Homecoming festivities last week, I wanted to keep this week low key and easy.  I came across a version of this tortellini alfredo recipe on TikTok a few months ago and it has become one of my go to, super easy, crockpot favs!  It made it on this week's menu so I thought I would share it with you today.

Since we are just a little family of 2, I make a much smaller portion than a large family would make, but Walmart's Great Value brand offers different size options for most ingredients. I shopped online and did an order pick up then returned home to throw everything in my crockpot.  My total was under $25 and I still have enough for another meal and have leftover ingredients!  The Great Value brand offers such great quality products, but their prices are so reasonable.  It is nice to have a budget friendly, quality option in today's economy where everything seems to be going up.  As a vegetarian household, I also love that they have started offering a ton of options that work for my daughter and me!  As a single mom, I appreciate their easy meal solutions on a budget. 

Now for the good stuff...Tortellini Alfredo! This stuff is delicious and so easy! 

Shopping List...

Great Value Frozen Tortellini (larger size available for larger families)

Great Value Alfredo Sauce (larger size available for larger families)

Great Value Parmesan Cheese

Great Value Garlic Powder

Great Value Italian Seasoning

Great Value Italian Style Cheese

The great thing about this recipe is you can customize it to your family's liking.  Switch it up by using marinara instead of alfredo. Add in a protein like grilled chicken or Italian sausage. Use chopped tomatoes or spinach to jazz it up a bit. The possibilities are endless!  The Great Value Brand has everything you need and can be ordered online for pick up or delivery!

In my crockpot, I combined half of the smaller bag of tortellini, half of the jar of alfredo sauce, 3/4 cup grated Italian cheese, a dash of garlic, a dash of pepper and a dash of Italian seasoning.  Make sure to make proper adjustments for a larger batch.

I cooked on high for 90 minutes, stirring occasionally.  You can also cook on low for 4-5 hours depending on the settings of your crockpot and the amount you are making. 

Once finished, top with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and enjoy.  It's the perfect fall comfort food!

We like to pair our pasta with a simple salad and some garlic cheese bread to make a complete meal.  The one thing I forgot to add to my online order was a bag of lettuce so we skipped the salad this time.  We did make some simple garlic cheese bread, but also love these garlic bread sticks and eat them frequently with meals. 

For my super simple garlic bread, I use hamburger buns.  Just butter them and add some garlic powder, pop in a toaster oven on the medium toast setting.  Once they are toasted, add some Italian style grated cheese and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and bake on 350 until the cheese is melted.  I then broil for a few minutes to get the cheese nice and bubbly.  It is so good!


What is your go to, easy to throw in the crockpot favorite recipe?  I would love to hear!

Whatever happens to be on your menu this week, make sure to simplify your grocery shopping by taking advantage of Walmart's pick up and delivery service!  They have everything you need and all their quality, store brands will help you stretch your budget to the max!  

Don't forget new customers can take $10 off their first order of $50 or more using code TRIPLE10! Some restrictions and fees may apply. See website for details!

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Sitting Area Refresh: {Sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart}

As a Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker, I am honored to work with their amazing brand sharing their stylish and affordable line of home products available at Walmart! As always, any product reviews or opinions are honest feedback from my personal experience.  This post contains affiliate links to Walmart, which means the brand rewards me with a small commission for any sale resulting from a link click through from my blog.  I am excited to share my July project with you today!

Greetings!!  I am finally back from an amazing trip to Paris and London!  I fell in love with both cities for different reasons, but I have to say I really loved Paris for the gorgeous architecture displayed on and inside the beautiful old buildings! We stayed in the most charming apartment that has me wanting to recreate the look of it here in McKinney, TX.  Although my budget won't allow that, I did leave feeling inspired and excited to update some spots in my home.  

Months ago, I sold a lot of things in my home office/living room because I was ready for a new look.  It stayed bare for months while I tried to narrow down the perfect pieces but I  couldn't come up with much.  After seeing some of the interiors of Parisian apartments,  I found the look and feel I wanted. After purchasing a couch, it was time to add the finishing touches. My goal was for the space to feel "collected" and full of things I love.  No trends, no definite style...just things that bring a smile to my face.  I included some of my vintage finds because I genuinely love those items.  Mixing the old with the new keeps things interesting! Today I am excited to reveal what I have done so far.  I still need a few more things to complete this space, but so far I am loving it!  Now when I walk into this space, I cannot help but smile.  It just feels like me!


This space is so welcoming, cozy and calm now, but I also feel like the details make the space interesting and unique.

A lot of the items I added came from the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart.  They introduced several new pieces recently and some of those seemed to be made for my space!  Their affordable options make decorating on a budget doable!  Take a look at what I fell in love with...

One of the first things I hunted for was a floor lamp.  I love using accent lighting to create a peaceful ambiance.  This lamp was perfect with the modern design and pretty brass finish.

Love the glow!

Link: Brass Floor Lamp

Up next was to find a rug to anchor the area.  Since this is an odd shaped room and sort of divided into two different spaces, I wanted to define this little sitting area.  This heavy texture, natural fiber rug was the perfect fit.  The subtle design adds so much to the area without being overbearing.

The subtle striped design is perfect in here!

Link: Natural Jute Rug

On the couch, I added a super soft throw blanket.  The fun pattern adds a whimsical touch!  Every room needs animal print, right?

Now for my favorite part...bring on the throw pillows!  They are easiest and most cost affordable way to spruce up a room.  These new designs brought in pattern, soft color and texture to my all white sofa!  I am thrilled with these new arrivals!  Make sure to check out their collection of pillows if yours need a refresh.

Hello, texture....

And let me introduce you to my favorite...

I have seen similar designs for triple the price....and this one comes in other colors!  After receiving this one, I decided I needed one more so it's on its way to me now!

All pillows are priced under $20 and the quality is amazing!

Link: Teddy Plush Pillow

Link:  Geo Textured Throw Pillow

Link: Boho Stitch Pillow

My new Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart  finds completed the space and vibe so well with my existing finds and a a few goodies I picked up on my trip!

I cannot wait to spend my time in this room!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Summer Fun DIY Projects: {Sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart}

As a Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker, I am honored to work with their amazing brand sharing their stylish and affordable line of home products available at Walmart! As always, any product reviews or opinions are honest feedback from my personal experience.  This post contains affiliate links to Walmart, which means the brand rewards me with a small commission for any sale resulting from a link click through from my blog.  I am excited to share my June project with you today!

School is out and it is officially summer!  We all know what that means...it is only a matter of time before you hear the infamous "I am bored" coming from those sweet kiddo's mouths!  Today I am sharing some boredom buster DIY projects that you and the kids can do together!  These are great for kids of all ages to enjoy!

First up, create a terrarium!  These are so fun to make and Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart has everything you need! 

Shopping list:


*Rocks, sand, moss, dirt (if using real plants)

*Succulents (real or faux)

*Tool Set...makes things so easy

*Decor...let your kids pick small animals, figurines, fairies, painted rocks or shells to personalize!

Shop items here: Better Homes & Gardens Terrarium Products

To get started, gather all your goodies and find a spot that can get a little messy! 

Link: Large Glass Terrarium

Link: Garden Tool Set

First, add some rock to the base then add dirt if you are using real plants.  The rocks will help with drainage. You can also include dirt if using fake plants to make it appear more realistic. 


Next, have fun layering different color rock, sand and moss to create visual interest.  Once you have it to your liking, use the tool set to plant the succulents.  The tool set is so handy and makes things so easy! Once everything is planted, move the rocks to support the base of the plants to hold them in place. 

Link: Garden Tool Set

If you want to add "decor", now is the time.  I just stuck with the plants because I knew I wanted to use it in my living room!

If you used real plants, give it a few spritzes of water. You're all done!  Now enjoy finding the perfect spot for your new terrarium!  

I love the way mine turned out and feel like it brings a touch of the outdoors in!  It is the perfect summer decor!

That terrarium was so fun to make, I decided to make a few more small ones!  These would be super fun for the kids to make and put in their rooms!

This one looks great in my daughter's room!

Link:  Hanging Glass Terrariums - Set of 2

Link: Geo Terrarium - Set of 2

Such a fun and easy project anyone can do!

Another fun DIY project, that the whole family can participate in, is to create a family planter.  Take a trip to the Walmart garden department and select a large planter.  Better Homes & Gardens has a ton of great options! 

Link: Better Homes & Gardens Planters

After you agree on a planter, it is time for everyone to pick out a plant.  Once you get all the necessities and get home, each person is in charge of planting their plant into the planter.  Display it on your front porch to welcome guests.  To keep the kids involved, assign someone to make sure it gets plenty of water each week!  Another idea is to have the kids measure their plant each week and have them record and graph the growth.  They won't even realize they are doing a math/science lesson!

Link: Resin Planter

If you want to add a little fun to your summer, add a gnome to protect the planter...but have him move around at night periodically and have the kids find him!  Once they find him, return him to guard the planter...only for him to move again shortly after!  If you want to keep the kiddos busy for awhile, hide him in harder spots!  

And don't forget to vote on a name for your new friend!

Link: Garden Gnome

Another educational DIY project is to start a propagation station.  These are so interesting to keep an eye on.  I have great success propagating vines.  It is really cool to watch the roots sprout over time and then you can move them to a planter. The kids can be in charge of keeping tabs on the water levels and the status on new growth.  This Better Homes & Gardens propagation station makes this project easy to do!  Check google for the best tips for propagating different types of plants!

Link: Propagation Station

Link: Single Propagation Station

Does this count as a science lesson?  I think so!

My last DIY project is more for mom or dad to complete, but for everyone to enjoy.  Since I have a small patio, I do not have room for a fire pit.  I wanted to create the same idea on a smaller scale so I made this DIY tabletop fire bowl using products from the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart.  This helps keep the bugs away when we want to hang out on the patio at night and creates a cozy ambiance! 


Link: Ceramic Planter

Link: Tabletop Torch

Link: Black Rocks

Cannot wait to enjoy summer nights out here!  I hope my ideas have inspired you to do some fun DIY projects with your kids this summer! 

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Monday, May 23, 2022

Bonjour: {Paris Packing List from Free Assembly at Walmart}

This post was kindly sponsored by Free Assembly at Walmart and contains affiliate links. All opinions and reviews are my own.  Walmart rewards me with a small commission of any purchase made through my links.  Thank you so much for supporting my sponsors and my blog. 

Bonjour, friends!  My big trip to Paris is right around the corner and I am in full prep mode... maybe more like freak-out mode!  This trip was planned long ago and I am so excited it is finally here.  My mom, sister and I are headed to Paris and London to celebrate my mom's 75th birthday and I cannot wait!

One thing I always do with trips is overthink and overpack!  I like to have options when I get there and not be forced to wear an outfit because it is all I have left in the suitcase. The summer months in Paris can be tricky since it is cool in the mornings and evenings but it warms up during the day, so I want to make sure I am prepared.  My approach it to take a lot of items that can be mixed, matched and layered. I also wanted a few things that could be dressed up for dinner or styled casually for sight seeing during the day.  This is where the Free Assembly line at Walmart saved me!  

I scored some great stuff to take and am excited to actually be packing early instead of the night before like I usually do!

Free Assembly clothing is available in some Walmart stores but they have an amazing selection of items online.  I am sure you've noticed how Walmart has really stepped up their fashion game. I love this brand...the quality feels very "high end designer" but the prices are so reasonable!  I was blown away as I started shopping this brand and it is quickly becoming a favorite!

So here is what I am taking so far...and I have another order coming!

Links to shop: 

I will be mixing and matching the bodysuits with the jeans and pants. When it is cooler, I can layer one of the button down shirts or sweatshirt on top.  I think the dresses are very versatile and can be worn for a trip to the flea market and/or to a nice dinner.  The t-shirt dresses and romper are so comfy and will be great for long days of sight seeing! My favorite thing is the black jumpsuit and feel like it is perfect to wear during the day or evening.  It can be easily switched up by changing shoes and accessories.  I am so thrilled I found the Free Assembly brand at Walmart.  I knocked out so much shopping for my trip in a matter of minutes and got so many great pieces!  If you haven't checked out this brand, make sure to!  The quality is amazing and the price point is so reasonable!  They also have collections for kids and men...something for the whole family!  You can shop the whole collection HERE!

I am off to pack, feel free to drop your best travel tips for Paris and London in the comments!  Au Revoir!

Monday, May 9, 2022

Zen Patio Makeover: {Sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart}

As a Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker, I am honored to work with their amazing brand sharing their stylish and affordable line of home products available at Walmart! As always, any product reviews or opinions are honest feedback from my personal experience.  This post contains affiliate links to Walmart, which means the brand rewards me with a small commission for any sale resulting from a link click through from my blog.  I am excited to share my May project with you today!

In celebration of Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart's new TikTok account, members of their influencer network were asked to pick a TikTok trend to base our project on this month.  I had so much fun with this challenge and decided to create a zen (#ZenTok) space on my back patio...somewhere I could sit and sip coffee in the morning, read a book in the afternoon, enjoy a glass of wine in the evening or...scroll TikTok any time of the day because I am addicted!  I've shared a little about going through some tough times, thanks to a back injury and some other stuff that came up, so I decided I need to practice a lot more selfcare (#SelfCareTok)! I love seeing TikToks based on these trends and was inspired to join the trend!  It is so important to take care of yourself and I cannot wait to spend time on my "new" patio relaxing!

I am absolutely in love with this space now!  Look how amazing it turned out....

Let's quickly see what I started with...

I hadn't really done much of anything to this area in the 5 years I have been here.  Everything shown above was done by the previous owner.  I had some issues with the sprinkler system so this space needed a complete overhaul.  I did a good job at covering the chaos with cute rugs but I was so excited to see the old stuff go! My ex husband decided he wanted to help me get it into shape as a Mother's Day gift. It was such a thoughtful gift that provided me with a fresh, new, beautiful space to enjoy!  He ripped up the old pavers and got to work.  More on the patio transformation coming soon, but let's skip to the fun part...the decorating!

First up, I ordered this adorable egg chair from the Better Homes & Gardens line available exclusively at Walmart.  I've wanted this chair since they released it last year, but never thought I had the space for it.  Once I knew the space was getting a makeover, I wasted no time and ordered it!  Although it is very large, and some may think it is too large for this space, I am all about getting what you like and what works for you...and it makes me so happy!

This chair is so comfortable!  I know I will be spending a ton of time in this chair!

Link:  Egg Chair

Next, I grabbed this amazing outdoor pouf. I saw it in the garden section of Walmart while picking up some plants and knew it was the perfect fit for my space. I love the texture and modern design.  It is perfect with the egg chair and so comfy to prop up your feet on after a long day!  The great thing about this pouf is that I can use it indoors when it is not being used outside!  A huge win for me! 

Link: Tufted Outdoor Pouf

I added just a few throw pillows to make the space super cozy.  I love Better Homes & Gardens line of pillows!  They are all so inexpensive and the quality is amazing! 

Link:  Woven Striped Pillow

Link:  Black Textured Pillow

Simple finishing touches completed the look for now! I have some more ideas for this space so stay tuned for those plans. As for now, a battery operated candle lantern adds a soft glow in the evenings and a few pretty plants, in Better Homes & Gardens planters, add a calming touch.

Link:  Battery Candle Lantern

Link: Resin Planter

Remember  the Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart "Containers Made Easy" succulents I used for my front porch?  Well I went back for more!  I absolutely love that they offer these!  It is so easy to pop them into a pretty planter of your choice and they look amazing! 

Don't forget to shop all the Better Homes & Gardens plant options at your local Walmart garden center!  They have such quality plants for amazing prices!

I couldn't be more thrilled with the way this space turned out.  I am so excited to have a little zen area to spend time in!  Stay tuned for some more fun projects I have planned for this space!

I hope this post inspired you to create your own space to relax in, because self care should be a priority for all of us!

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Thursday, April 7, 2022

Small Space Gardening Tips and Tricks: {Sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart}

As a Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker, I am honored to work with their amazing brand sharing their stylish and affordable line of home products available at Walmart! As always, any product reviews or opinions are honest feedback from my personal experience.  This post contains affiliate links to Walmart, which means the brand rewards me with a small commission for any sale resulting from a link click through from my blog.  I am excited to share my April project with you today!

Now that Spring is here, it is time to do a little gardening.  Full disclosure, I am not a pro and have killed my fair share of plants, but I have learned a few tips and tricks that work well for those of us that just do the best we can! Now, if you are a great gardener, then feel free to just scroll through the pretty pictures.  I am not sharing anything you do not already know, but for those that want easy ways to make your porch and patios vibrant for spring, here you go....

This sight makes me happy every year:

I actually love the garden section at Walmart.  I love that I can grab groceries, a candle, air filters AND pretty plants and flowers!  I always find myself out here even when I need nothing! They always have great quality plants and the prices are so much better than my local nursery.  I love the Better Homes & Gardens brand for their vast variety of plants in so many colors! 

Look at all those beautiful options!

If you are new to caring for outdoor plants, start with just a few, low maintenance plants.  I find ferns are very easy to take care of and make a big impact!  They do great in part sun/shade areas so porches and patios are ideal!  Their size makes a big impact, they look so pretty and they grow rather quickly.  They are also very affordable!

For a decorative touch, I like to pair plants with pretty planters and unique stands to add interest to the space.  I love this wicker look plant stand I used to hold the fern. 

Link: Rattan Plant Stand

Another great, easy to care for plant is a snake plant.  These do great in shade or indirect sunlight and can be planted in decorative pots and look great just about anywhere.  When the cool months arrive, simply move it indoors to enjoy all year long! 

I like to keep a plant mister on hand to keep the plants nice and hydrated!  Just a few plants add so much to a patio!

Link: Clear Plant Mister // Black & White Ceramic Planter

Another great idea for small spaces is to create a "flower bed" with these raised bed planters. They bring a flower bed feel to any space and are so easy to maintain!  

Make sure to start off with a great soil!  Don't go with the least expensive option, usually there is a reason it is so cheap!  I've had great luck with the specialty soil from the Better Homes & Gardens line and it is very reasonable!  With whatever brand you go with, make sure to read the labels and get the one best fitted for the plants you are using.  This will make a world of difference!

Mixing and matching plants and flowers in a variety of colors creates a gorgeous display!  Better Homes & Gardens brand plants have always done well for me! Make sure to read the care tags on the plants and make sure to place them in a location that will best suit them.  I love sweet potato vine because it is inexpensive, so bright and pretty, grows extremely fast and can be easily propagated!  Planted alongside pretty flowers makes as beautiful combo!

Link: Cedar Raised Garden Bed // Organic Soil Mix // Raised Bed Soil Mix

If you want to take the super easy route, check out these Better Homes & Gardens "containers made easy" at Walmart.  Hello, genius!!  Such an easy way to get an amazing grouping of plants and flowers.  All you have to do is plant them in a pretty planter and you're good to go!  From succulent groupings to several different combos of gorgeous flowers, they have something for everyone!

I picked up two of these and couldn't be more pleased with how they look on my porch!

Don't these pink and yellow flowers just scream spring! They add a pop of color and are so welcoming on my front porch!

Succulents are one of my favorite plants because they are so easy to care for and handle the Texas heat like a champ!  I love all the different types of succulents this container included!

And those planters...so perfect here!  This was by far the easiest porch refresh I have done!  Now it is time to grab some more "containers made easy" for my back patio!  I love these simple projects!! 

Link: Ceramic Planter on Stand

If you are in the market for planters, check out all these awesome options from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart!  So many great choices!

Link: Planter Collection

Looking forward to spring mornings sitting here sipping coffee...

Links: Outdoor Rocking Chair - 3 colors // Reversible Pom Pillow

Hope my tips have helped all the non-gardeners feel like taking on a spring refresh project!  Just a few plants can make such a difference! 

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