Thursday, June 17, 2021

Happy Camper and Happy Mom: {Sponsored by Walmart}

This post is sponsored by Walmart and includes affiliate links.  I will receive a small commission from Walmart for any sale resulting from a link click.  Thank you for supporting my blog!

We've been busy getting my daughter ready to go to summer camp.  It can be overwhelming getting her prepared for a week away, but having our shopping done by someone else and then picking it up made things to much easier! It was so easy to use Walmart's Online Pick Up + Delivery Service to make my shopping a breeze!  I love their service because it is so easy to use, saves a ton of time, only requires a $35 minimum order and includes the same name brand products at the same low prices you see in stores.  It is available in select markets, so give it a try if it is available in your have nothing to lose!  In the rare instance something is not to your satisfaction, just contact customer care so they can remedy the situation.  It really is something I depend on now to make life easier! 

So along with our usual grocery order, I was able to add all the camp necessities we still needed to grab before next week.  From sunscreen and rain ponchos to shower shoes and shampoo, they had it all ready to go for us!  Winnie was excited that we also got dog treats.  We went outside to go on a walk, we saw our order had been delivered....and she decided she didn't want to go on a walk anymore! I think she knew her treats were in one of those bags!

She was excited to be rewarded with a treat when we returned. While she enjoyed her treat, my daughter and I started packing.   

Here are some quick tips I learned along the way while packing and prepping!

1. Use large freezer bags for each day's outfits! My daughter has a day outfit and then each night is a them night so we have 2 bags per day.  She can just grab the labeled bag when she's getting ready and she'll have everything she needs!

2. A mesh laundry bag is great for transporting bedding to camp and then transporting dirty clothes back home.  The bedding is packed in the trunk for the way home and clothes are in the laundry bag ready for a good wash!

3. Label everything...I know, an obvious one, but so important.  Also, don't send anything of sentimental value or anything that can't get dirty! 

4. Shower caddies are a life saver...prepare all ready to go full of all the shower necessities.  Our camp has a shelf in the bathroom to store all the caddies so it makes it convenient to grab and take into the shower stall.  If your camp doesn't have a shelf, the caddy makes it super easy to take back and forth into the bathroom. Don't forget shower shoes!

5. Pack some extras...undies, socks, shorts, etc...things get dirty, the weather can be unpredictable, etc.  Better to have too much stuff than not enough.

6. Pack notes/cards from home, care packages and/or a few personal items.  Pictures of family and pets can help curve home sickness.  A hand written note from mom or dad can help the kiddos feel connected when they are away.  Our camp allows us to drop off cards and care packages at check in and the deliver as the week goes on.  Also, don't forget stamped envelopes and paper so they can write letters home if they want to!

7.  A battery operated fan (and extra batteries) are handy to have.  Our camp has AC in the cabins but a fan helps keeps my camper cool at night and the sound helps her sleep.

8. Save time, and money, by using Walmart's Grocery + Pick Up Services!  I do not even want to count the hours or how many stores we went to finding a one piece swimsuit for a teen wasn't fun, but the fact I can do an online order for some many things to have delivered saved my sanity!!  See for yourself how easy it is to Walmart Grocery + Pick Up Service by clicking here!  

More time to enjoy summer fun with your kiddos...and pups!

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Monday, June 14, 2021

From Builder Grade to Affordable Upgrade: {Sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens}

As a Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker, I am honored to work with their amazing brand sharing their stylish and affordable line of home products available at Walmart! As always, any product reviews or opinions are honest feedback from my personal experience.  This post contains affiliate links to Walmart, which means the brand rewards me with a small commission for any sale resulting from a link click through from my blog.  I am excited to share my June project with you today!

For this month's project, I wanted to show you some easy and affordable ways to update your home!  I have lived in my home for almost 4 years now and still have some builder grade basics that needed updating. I found some really great, affordable options from the Better Homes & Gardens line available at Walmart.  I love their quality products because they are so affordable and I can always find items that flow with my style! 

3 affordable and easy ways to upgrade a space are painting, new lighting and new hardware.  The Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart has everything you need!!

First up was my daughter's ceiling fan.  Last month I shared the progress we had made in giving her room a "boho" makeover.  What I didn't show you, on purpose, was the outdated fan that was here when we moved in and put in by the builder when the first owners lived here.  I am not sure why it took me so long to switch it out, but I am so glad we finally made the swap!  


Dark and dated....


Sleek and simple...

Link: Ceiling Fan

I love the simple, clean look of this all white fan from the Better Homes & Gardens line.  I was so reasonably priced and looks so good that I decided I am going to get another one for my guest room!  So crazy at what a difference this fan makes!

Next up, the master bathroom.  Okay....this is a space I never wanted to share because I truly hate this space.  I do not like the color of the tile, the layout or any of the fixtures.  My plan is to totally renovate this space at some point, but for now I was ready for some simple changes that didn't cost a ton.  

When I first moved in, I hired someone to paint the cabinets.  It made such a  huge difference and lightened up the space so much!  If you don't have the budget to totally demo a bathroom, painting the cabinets is a great way to make a huge impact without spending a ton.  You can make it a DIY to save even more!  Here is some great news, Better Homes & Gardens has a new paint line and the colors are gorgeous! You can check it out here: Better Homes & Gardens Paint Collection

Another easy update is to swap out hardware.  These cup pulls go with the modern farmhouse style of my home and were very inexpensive.  Better Homes & Gardens has a huge selection of hardware including pulls, 

Link: Satin Nickel Cup Pulls- Set of 6

Paint and hardware made a huge improvement but...

The lighting had to was another builder grade selection that has been here way too long.  I came across this modern, satin nickel vanity light and decided it was a great option. Sleek...simple...affordable and goes great with any style.  One thing I noticed when I was measuring is that the builder did not center the lights over the sink!  The things you discover when you start changing things up!  Next on this list is to center the lights and replace the mirror...and retile everything...and add a claw foot tub...and the list goes on.  For now, the simple change made a huge difference!

It looks so updated now and so much better.  Why did I wait 4 years to change out the lighting?  Who knows, but I am so glad I did and now I am not totally embarrassed to share this room.  It is okay if everything isn't the way you want it to be.  A few changes make a huge impact.

I also added a new towel rack, tray, soap dispenser, bath mats and towels to finish off the update.

A few new accessories can make the space feel new again!

Link: Marble Look Soap Dispenser

Link: Marble Look Vanity Tray

Link: Counter Top Towel Rack

And of course, new towels were a must! 

Link: Dots Hand and Bath Towel Set

Link: Plush Bath Mat

Now the space feel like a spa...much better!

Next on this list is to center the lights and replace the mirror...and retile everything...and add a claw foot tub...and the list goes on.  For now, the simple change made a huge difference!

Another simple update I made was updating the mirror in my daughter's bathroom.  There was nothing wrong with the existing one, but this beautiful gold mirror from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart gives it a more custom look.



Much better...

Link: Round Gold Mirror

I love the round shape and feel like it looks great in this space!

And just another example of how small changes can give a more custom feel!

Also while on the subject of simple upgrades, I had to re-share these before and after pictures  from a previous project I completed using Better Homes & Gardens lighting.


Nothing wrong with these lights but they just didn't add much to the space...


So much better and flow with the room and surrounding rooms better.  I love how light and airy the space looks now!

And one more...
The before was really heavy and didn't vibe with the style of the house....


Adds interest to the dining nook and ties in well with the industrial look of the house.

If you have a room in your house that needs an update on a budget, Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart has a huge selection of products that will give you a fresh, new look on a budget!  Paint, lighting and hardware are 3 things that can be easily changed without spending a ton of money. The impact of these changes makes a huge difference!  Make sure to check out the Better Homes & Gardens line of products at Walmart for your next project! 

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