Monday, August 30, 2021

Fall Forecast: All Things Textured and Cozy {Sponsored by Walmart}

This post is sponsored by Walmart and contains affiliate links to the retailer's website.  With any sale resulting from a link click, Walmart rewards me a small commission.  Thank you so much for being here and shopping my links!  All opinions on products are my genuine thoughts.  I appreciate your support!

It still feels very much like summer here in the Dallas area, but that isn't stopping me from dreaming of cozy fall days!  I haven't sprinkled pumpkins throughout the house yet...but I have started adding a few new pieces to give my house that cozy feel!  

As you all know, I am a huge fan of affordable decor.  I do think some items deserve a splurge every now and then, but mostly I love finding budget friendly options.  I do not think you have to spend a ton of money to have a beautiful home!  I have found so many great, budget friendly items at Walmart!  Their online selection is amazing and I always find really great, high quality goodies!  Today I have rounded up some fun finds to give your home a new look for fall! To shop the whole collection, click here:  Fall Home Trends

Up first, the dining room...

Since I am a neutral loving girl, I reply on lots of texture and tones to bring interest into a space.  Look at all these great items I came across!

Product Links:

 Medallion Dinnerware Set // Wood and Metal Dining Table

 Tufted Wall Hanging // Textured Dot Vase Set // Black & White Bowl Set // Wood Tray

  Dining Chair Set // Flatware Set - Champagne Color // Black Dot Dinnerware Set

Our old dishes were ready to be retired so I grabbed this set of adorable black and white dot dishes.  I fell in love with the whimsical design and the metallic detail adds a little something extra!  They are way too cute to be hidden in a cabinet!

The coordinating bowl set was a must, too!  When we aren't using these, they look great as decor!  I love the modern touch they bring to my kitchen!

For another quick and affordable update, I snagged this beautiful woven wall hanging.  It cozied up the corner with all the texture!  

I cannot wait to add more fall finds as the weather starts changing and it feels more like fall!

Here are some great living room finds I wanted to share.  I am still deciding on some items to bring in for my fall living room refresh! 

   Fringe Wall Hanging // Velvet Sofa Bed // Trellis Throw Blanket // Aztec Rug

 Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree // Poly-Rattan Basket // Plaid Floor Cushion

I am loving all these affordable finds!  I cannot wait for chilly fall weather, plush throw blankets, textured pillows and cozy nights spent cuddled up by the fire!  What are you most excited about with fall around the corner?

If your space needs a quick and affordable fall refresh, make sure to check out Walmart's great selection of home decor!  They have everything you need for a budget friendly update!  

More great products here:

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Back to the Grind: {Sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens)

 As a Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker, I am honored to work with their amazing brand sharing their stylish and affordable line of home products available at Walmart! As always, any product reviews or opinions are honest feedback from my personal experience.  This post contains affiliate links to Walmart, which means the brand rewards me with a small commission for any sale resulting from a link click through from my blog.  I am excited to share my August project with you today!

With fall around the corner and the kids heading back to school, it is time for a routine again.  I am one of those people who loves a routine. The summer months are nice but I am always ready to get back to a schedule once August rolls around!  Check back in a few weeks to see if I still feel that way!

For this month's project, I did a little update to this home gym!  This room is in my ex-husband's home, but I have access to it whenever I want to workout! Something I am wanting to concentrate on is making an effort to spend more time really taking care of me!  With the hustle and bustle of school, sports and other activities starting, sometimes it is hard to carve out time for yourself, but it is so important.  With a few changes made to this space, it now has a spa like feel...clean, organized, bright and welcoming.  It is a room that I would love to spend more time in.  All the items I added are from the Better Homes & Gardens line available at Walmart.  I love their affordable and quality products!

Come on in....

First up was adding this much needed storage unit.  It is nice to have everything you need within reach in an organized way.  This unit worked perfectly under the TV and keeps everything nice and tidy.  

It was really easy to assemble and looks great in this space!

I love the modern design it adds to the room.  It is very affordable and comes in other finishes!  This piece could be used in so many different spaces!

Link:  Storage Cube

Decorative bins were added to hold items like resistance bands, foam rollers and other gym necessities.  The woven design with wood handles look perfect in this space and add a decorative touch.

A great solution to "hiding" things out of view!

Link:  Black Storage Bins

I also added this drink dispenser.  Water is a must throughout the day, but especially during a workout!  The fact you can add in items to add taste to the water is a bonus and adds to the spa like feel!  This is very heavy duty and works great in this space.  It will also be used when entertaining! 

Just add in cucumber, limes, lemons...or anything you want!  I find I drink more water when it is so close by and has a little splash of taste!

Link:  Drink Dispenser

Nuglass tumblers available in store.

After a good workout, having towels close by is a necessity!  I picked up these super soft towels from the Better Homes and Gardens line at Walmart.  They come in a wide variety of colors and are so plush!  I love a good quality towel and these fit the bill!  

Link:  Signature Soft Towels

To add to the zen feel of the room, a few faux plants were added.  I think every room needs a touch of nature...and the fact these do not require water is an added bonus! Ha! These look so real in person!

Link:  Faux Aloe Plant

Link:  Potted Faux Succulent

Another must have item was a large, full length mirror.  I created a free weight "station" in this corner.  It is important to watch your form when lifting weights so this mirror is very handy.  I love the sleek, modern design of this mirror and the size is perfect! 

For convenience, I placed a hamper in this area for used towels.  It makes it easy to take back and forth to the laundry room. 

Link:  Metal Leaning Mirror

Link:  Lined Metal Hamper

The last thing that was needed was an area rug.  It protects the floors from the heavy equipment and keeps everything in place.  I selected this trellis print indoor/outdoor rug to dress up the room.  I love how the pattern adds interest to the space.  The fact that it can literally be taken outside and hosed down is a huge plus!  Since it is an outdoor rug, it is a thin weave and works great in here!

Link:  Border Trellis Rug

Now that the home gym got an upgrade, it is time to get busy!!  Do you enjoy working out at home?  I would love to hear more about your workout routine!

If you have a project you need to complete now that the kids are going back to organization project, a room update, a study nook for the kids, etc.....make sure to check out the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart!  They have everything you need to make life a little easier!  Wishing you and your kids a wonderful school year! 

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