Saturday, February 1, 2020

Tween Room Refresh: {Sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart}

Today I am excited to partner with Better Homes & Gardens once again!  As a BHG Stylemaker, I am honored to work with this amazing brand sharing their stylish and affordable line of home products from Walmart! As always, any product reviews or opinions are honest feedback from my personal experience.  This post contains affiliate links to Walmart, which means the brand rewards me with a small commission for any sale resulting from a link click through on my blog! Thanks so much for your continued support!

A little room refresh was definitely in order for my tween daughter.  She has had the same bedding for several years and while it was adorable, she was ready for something a little more trendy and fun! While we decided we would wait until this summer to do a full room makeover, we got a head start on part of the room with this fun refresh!  We kept this project to a budget of $300 and were able to make a huge impact with the changes we made!  We selected items from the Better Homes & Gardens line, available at Walmart, and were pleasantly surprised at how many new goodies we could grab due to the affordable prices! 

Welcome to my daughter's boho inspired turned out so perfect for her...stylish, cozy, serene...a perfect room fit for a tween!

New bedding was a great way to make a huge impact for a small price!  The textured duvet set was our starting point.  Not only is the duvet super cozy, but the pattern keeps things interesting and brought in that boho feel we were going for.  I love that this set will grow with her through the years and we can change it up easily with different throw pillows and sheets!  Neutral bedding is always my go to choice since it is so versatile!

The colorful, shag pillows were perfect to pair with the bedding.  They bring in a splash of color and tons of texture to this space.  The more texture, the cozier the room feels! The Better Homes & Gardens line has so many amazing throw pillows and these didn't disappoint! At under $20, they were also budget friendly! 

Just to add a little more interest to the room, we grabbed these cute diamond print sheets.  The pattern and color are subtle, but they add just a little pizazz to the room.  The color also tied in great with my daughter's gold antique bed! These sheets are so soft and come in several different colors and patterns. 

Shop her new bedding items here:

Link:  3 Piece Chenille Duvet Set
Link:  Shag Oblong Throw Pillow
Link:  Abstract Diamond Throw Pillow
Link:  Wrinkle Resistant Sheet Set (Diamond Pattern)

Once we had the bedding picked out, we were on the hunt for the perfect nightstand.  The Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart has so many affordable furniture options so I knew we would find something stylish and budget friendly.  I was blown away to find this modern, faux marble and gold side table on sale for under $50.  The gold base compliments her gold bed and the marble top was perfect for the trendy look we were going for.  I know this piece will be something that will also grow with her for years to come!  

Link: Faux Marble Side Table

A few fun accessories were all we needed to style the new nightstand with.  Luckily, we already had the perfect task lamp so we got to spend pat of the budget on the fun stuff. My llama loving girl was so excited about the adorable llama planter...her most favorite find from the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart!  We also picked up this cute, faux plant...a little greenery is always good in any space!

Link:  Resin Llama Planter
Link:  Faux Snake Plant
Link:  Similar Lamp Option
Link:  Similar Lamp Option 2

To finish off the refresh,
we added the beautiful, ruffle curtain to create a cozy reading nook!  It is now the perfect space to relax in with a good book and a cozy throw blanket!

Link:  Ruffle Curtain Panel

We are thrilled with the way our little room refresh turned out!  For under $300, we accomplished a whole new look in this space.  Mixing in items you already have with a few new pieces is a great way to update the space without spending a ton!  

Link:  Faux Fur Pillow 
Link:  Similar Rug

Are you wanting to refresh a space in your home?  Here are some simple ways to do so without spending a ton of money:

1. Switch out throw pillows.  This is a really inexpensive way to achieve a fresh look.  I love using textured throw pillows to bring in a cozy feel.  You can mix and match prints and materials to keep the space interesting. Check out some of my favorite pillows from the Better Homes & Gardens line here:

2.  Add a new area rug.  Rugs are a great way to bring in a new pattern, new color or transform the style of the space.  Here are some fun choices for every style: 

3. Swap out or add a new furniture piece.  You can always rotate existing furniture pieces to new rooms in your home for a quick refresh or bring in one new piece to really make an impact. Maybe a new coffee table or dining table...a new bookshelf or console...a new headboard or piece can make a big difference.  Adding the modern nightstand/side table in my daughter's room really changed up the space from "little girl" to "tween". Better Homes & Gardens has so many quality pieces for great prices.  Check out some great furniture finds here:

4. Rotate decor items.  Shop your home and use decor pieces in new spaces.  Adding in just a few new items will also give you a whole new look without spending a ton.  Use vases throughout your home and style them with seasonal stems.  Trays and candle lanterns are another decor staple for me.  You can easily switch them up with seasonal accents for a new look every few months!  Here are some great decor staples that would work in any space!

I love all the options the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart has to create a beautiful room on any budget! I hope this post gave you some quick and easy ideas and has motivated you to give your rooms a little refresh, especially with spring around the corner! 

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Thank you so much, Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart for sponsoring this post.  I am honored to be a BHG Stylemaker and enjoy working with companies I love!