Thursday, April 7, 2022

Small Space Gardening Tips and Tricks: {Sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart}

As a Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker, I am honored to work with their amazing brand sharing their stylish and affordable line of home products available at Walmart! As always, any product reviews or opinions are honest feedback from my personal experience.  This post contains affiliate links to Walmart, which means the brand rewards me with a small commission for any sale resulting from a link click through from my blog.  I am excited to share my April project with you today!

Now that Spring is here, it is time to do a little gardening.  Full disclosure, I am not a pro and have killed my fair share of plants, but I have learned a few tips and tricks that work well for those of us that just do the best we can! Now, if you are a great gardener, then feel free to just scroll through the pretty pictures.  I am not sharing anything you do not already know, but for those that want easy ways to make your porch and patios vibrant for spring, here you go....

This sight makes me happy every year:

I actually love the garden section at Walmart.  I love that I can grab groceries, a candle, air filters AND pretty plants and flowers!  I always find myself out here even when I need nothing! They always have great quality plants and the prices are so much better than my local nursery.  I love the Better Homes & Gardens brand for their vast variety of plants in so many colors! 

Look at all those beautiful options!

If you are new to caring for outdoor plants, start with just a few, low maintenance plants.  I find ferns are very easy to take care of and make a big impact!  They do great in part sun/shade areas so porches and patios are ideal!  Their size makes a big impact, they look so pretty and they grow rather quickly.  They are also very affordable!

For a decorative touch, I like to pair plants with pretty planters and unique stands to add interest to the space.  I love this wicker look plant stand I used to hold the fern. 

Link: Rattan Plant Stand

Another great, easy to care for plant is a snake plant.  These do great in shade or indirect sunlight and can be planted in decorative pots and look great just about anywhere.  When the cool months arrive, simply move it indoors to enjoy all year long! 

I like to keep a plant mister on hand to keep the plants nice and hydrated!  Just a few plants add so much to a patio!

Link: Clear Plant Mister // Black & White Ceramic Planter

Another great idea for small spaces is to create a "flower bed" with these raised bed planters. They bring a flower bed feel to any space and are so easy to maintain!  

Make sure to start off with a great soil!  Don't go with the least expensive option, usually there is a reason it is so cheap!  I've had great luck with the specialty soil from the Better Homes & Gardens line and it is very reasonable!  With whatever brand you go with, make sure to read the labels and get the one best fitted for the plants you are using.  This will make a world of difference!

Mixing and matching plants and flowers in a variety of colors creates a gorgeous display!  Better Homes & Gardens brand plants have always done well for me! Make sure to read the care tags on the plants and make sure to place them in a location that will best suit them.  I love sweet potato vine because it is inexpensive, so bright and pretty, grows extremely fast and can be easily propagated!  Planted alongside pretty flowers makes as beautiful combo!

Link: Cedar Raised Garden Bed // Organic Soil Mix // Raised Bed Soil Mix

If you want to take the super easy route, check out these Better Homes & Gardens "containers made easy" at Walmart.  Hello, genius!!  Such an easy way to get an amazing grouping of plants and flowers.  All you have to do is plant them in a pretty planter and you're good to go!  From succulent groupings to several different combos of gorgeous flowers, they have something for everyone!

I picked up two of these and couldn't be more pleased with how they look on my porch!

Don't these pink and yellow flowers just scream spring! They add a pop of color and are so welcoming on my front porch!

Succulents are one of my favorite plants because they are so easy to care for and handle the Texas heat like a champ!  I love all the different types of succulents this container included!

And those perfect here!  This was by far the easiest porch refresh I have done!  Now it is time to grab some more "containers made easy" for my back patio!  I love these simple projects!! 

Link: Ceramic Planter on Stand

If you are in the market for planters, check out all these awesome options from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart!  So many great choices!

Link: Planter Collection

Looking forward to spring mornings sitting here sipping coffee...

Links: Outdoor Rocking Chair - 3 colors // Reversible Pom Pillow

Hope my tips have helped all the non-gardeners feel like taking on a spring refresh project!  Just a few plants can make such a difference! 

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