Sunday, December 6, 2020

Christmas Memories and Creating New Ones: {Sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart}

As a Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker, I am honored to work with their amazing brand sharing their stylish and affordable line of home products available at Walmart! As always, any product reviews or opinions are honest feedback from my personal experience.  This post contains affiliate links to Walmart, which means the brand rewards me with a small commission for any sale resulting from a link click through from my blog.  I am excited to share my December project with you today!

My favorite holiday memories were made at the dining table!  Growing up, my parents always hosted Christmas dinner.  I remember waking up on Christmas morning with the smell of the turkey cooking in the over.  I remember waiting at the top of the stairs with my sister until my mom said we could come down.  Turning the corner to the living room, I can remember the excitement and anticipation of seeing what Santa brought!  After Santa gifts, we would eat a yummy breakfast and then do what we called "family" Christmas with just us.  We would take turns opening gifts and creating the biggest mess of torn paper, boxes, bows and ribbons. A beautiful mess it was! Once done, my sister and I would play while my mom and dad started getting ready for the rest of the day!  While those memories are so vivid and fun to revisit, nothing beat our Christmas afternoon and evening.  My grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins would all come over.  We would sit and chat, play with our new toys and just enjoy each other's company.  Once my mom was done prepping dinner, with the help of other family members, we would gather around our beautiful dining room table...and the kids' table close by, and enjoy a wonderful meal.  It wasn't the food or the beautiful table my mom always created that made it so memorable, those both were was the time we got to spend all together.  

I was inspired to create a beautiful Christmas table in my own home.  Using gorgeous pieces from the Better Homes & Gardens line from Walmart, along with some items I already owned, I put together a pretty table that anyone could create!  I love the high quality and reasonably priced options from the Better Home & Gardens line and how well they mixed in with what I already had!  It came together beautifully. 

To add additional seating to this space, I selected these gorgeous, spindle back chairs from the Better Homes & Gardens line.  I love how they mix with my bistro style chairs!  For comfort, I added plush seat cushions that I can use all year long!  

Link:  Set of 2 Spindle Back Chairs

Link:  Memory Foam Chair Cushion

Link:  Round Back Bistro Chairs

Next was setting the table. I fell in love with this heirloom quality "Twelve Days of Christmas"  dinnerware set.  I feel like these are something I will pass onto my children.  I love the metallic details, they set the tone of the table.  These dishes are absolutely beautiful! 

Link:  12 Piece Dish Set

Up next, I added these gorgeous rose gold utensils.  I love the contrast created against the placemats.  Since I do not decorate with color, the metallic touches add a lot of interest to the table! 

Reversible placemats add a vintage feel and are something we will use all year long! I love that we can use the other side for a fresh, new look!

Link:  Reversible Striped Placemat

Staying with the metallic color palette, I added a touch of silver with these honeycomb wine glasses.  I love the subtle shimmer they add to my place settings. 

Link:  Stemless Wine Glasses

I created a pretty centerpiece using items I already owned mixed in with new lanterns from the Better Homes & Gardens line.  These will be used in so many different ways other times of the year.  They look so perfect on the table filled with vintage style bottle brush trees!  To finish off the centerpiece, I added inexpensive candles.  I love how whimsical it looks...

Link:  Medium Gold Lantern

Link:  Large Gold Lantern

And of course, no Christmas dinner is complete without a kids' table!  I spent many years there and although I did complain a time  or two, I do have fun and fond memories of spending my time there!  Since  I am limited on space, I used my kitchen island for the kids' area.  I wanted to create something fun and festive so there wouldn't be any complaints here! 

I went with a coordinating table runner over here.  It makes the rooms flow together while creating a special spot for the kiddos!  

Link:  Reversible Striped Table Runner

I am pretty sure with this treat station I created, the kids will be more than happy to sit over here.  This 3 tiered stand made my job easy...just add yummy treats!  I know I will use this for entertaining for years to come and I will leave this out filled with goodies all season!

Link:  3 Tier Tray

I think the kids will be very happy eating here!  If not, then I might offer to trade places!  I hope my Christmas table ideas have inspired you to create something special for your family meals!

Another one of my favorite memories is watching everyone open their gifts!  I love picking out special presents for each person on my list!  It brings me so much JOY! If you are still doing your holiday shopping and need some go to gift ideas for anyone, check out some fun ideas here...

All of these items are great for anyone on your list and are all very inexpensive to put together!  Adding a few special touches, like cute gift tags, give them a personalized touch! 

Link:  Cozy Throw Blankets- lots of options

Link:  Glass Drink Dispenser

Link:  Ceramic Popcorn Bowl

I am wishing each of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS with lots of new memories made!  It has been a challenging year for all of us so I hope we all can find some JOY this holiday season!  Many blessings to you and yours!  XO

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Home For The Holidays: {Sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart}

As a Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker, I am honored to work with their amazing brand sharing their stylish and affordable line of home products available at Walmart! As always, any product reviews or opinions are honest feedback from my personal experience.  This post contains affiliate links to Walmart, which means the brand rewards me with a small commission for any sale resulting from a link click through from my blog.  I am excited to share my November project with you today!

I think we can all agree that it has been quite the year thus far and we all need a little joy in our lives!  The holidays are my most favorite time of the year and we look forward to celebrating with family, in whatever capacity that might be!  If you are welcoming guests into your home for the holidays, then it is time to get those guest rooms ready!  

I gave my guest room a fresh new look with the help a few new products from the Better Homes & Gardens line available at Walmart!  Truth be told, this room has been a storage room these past few months so I had some work to do!  I am sharing some simple steps you can take to get those guest rooms ready without the stress!

1. A few weeks before the holidays, do a little purging.  Get rid of anything in the room you do not need. Make sure the closet has space for your guest's items.  Now is a great time to donate to a local charity.  It feels good to let go of the clutter!

2. Take inventory of what you have and what you need.  Maybe you need a new set of sheets, a new blanket or just a few accessories to freshen up the room.  Make a shopping list and get busy.  I love the Better Homes & Gardens line because with their wide variety of products, both in store and online, it makes it so easy to get everything you need.  Don't forget to take inventory of the guest bathroom as well.  Once you have your list ready, head to the nearest Walmart, or shop online, to get everything you need!

3. A week before guests are set to arrive, wash all towels and bedding and start getting the room ready.  Don't wait until the night before when you will have other things to get done.  Get the beds made so you can mark that off the list.  Make sure there are a few extra pillows and blankets accessible.  The Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart has an amazing line of bedding, sheets, blankets and towels at amazing prices! 

4. A few days before your guest arrive, give the room a good cleaning. When dusting, don't forget the blinds/shutters, baseboards, air vents and ceiling fan.  

5. Once the room is all clean, add the finishing touches.  I added some seasonal decor to give the room a warm and cozy feel.  Find out what your guests like to eat and drink and create a little snack bar for them.  Stock the bathroom with some extra toiletries just in case they need them. 

6. Relax and enjoy your time with them! 

I followed all those steps and now my room is all prepped and ready!  

I am so in love with the new bedding I found.  The cute ticking stripe pattern is perfect for the holidays, but can be used all year long.  Since the bed is so bold, I wanted something simple and think it is perfect in here!  The Better Homes & Gardens line has a great selection of bedding in all styles!

Link:  Ticking Stripe Quilt

Link:  Ticking Stripe Shams

Link:  Sweater Knit Throw Pillow

I decided to grab another set of my favorite, wrinkle free sheets for this room.  These are so soft and very reasonably priced!  A super soft and plush blanket was also added for extra coziness! I love the look of layered bedding.  

Link:  Wrinkle Free Sheet Set - lots of options

Link:  Luxe Plush Blanket - more colors

In case guests want to have breakfast in bed, enjoy a midnight snack, read a book or catch up on work, I added a pretty collapsible wood tray for convenience.  I think it will find itself in my own bedroom when I do not have guests.  I see lots cozy nights, snuggled in bed with Hallmark movies on TV,  sipping hot cups of coffee and enjoying a sweet treat or two in my future!  

Link:  Acacia Wood Collapsible Tray

I kept the decor to a minimum since the room is small.  I wanted it to feel open and give my guests room for their personal belongings.  A festive tree, pretty garland and a simple lamp give the room a cozy ambiance without crowding the space!  A few touches go a long way!

Link:  Textured Tear Drop Lamp

Link:  Gray Tweed Shade

Link:  Sherpa Floor Cushions- more colors

To make my guests feel right at home, I added this cute bar cart.  I love stocking the room with a few snacks and bottles of water so my guests don't have to take a trip to the kitchen if they don't want to.  I feel like it adds a welcoming touch to the room!  It is also a great place to store extra blankets for those chilly nights!

Link:  3 Tier Cart

Link:  Faux Boxwood Topiary

I am so glad to mark this room off the never ending holiday to do list!  I may even sleep in here myself, I love this cozy room!

Sweet dreams...

I hope my simple tips help you get our guest room ready to welcome loved ones this holiday season!   

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Friday, October 9, 2020

Fall Living Room Refresh, A Little DIY and a Lot of Fun: {Sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens}

As a Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker, I am honored to work with their amazing brand sharing their stylish and affordable line of home products from Walmart! As always, any product reviews or opinions are honest feedback from my personal experience.  This post contains affiliate links to Walmart, which means the brand rewards me with a small commission for any sale resulting from a link click through from my blog.  I am excited to share my October project with you today!

Hello, fall! So glad you are here.  As soon as the weather starts to cool off in Texas, I get in the mood for all things fall!  While our normal fall activities won't be happening this year, we will make the most of it and still enjoy the season!  

Some of my favorite stay-at-home fall activities are decorating (shocker, I know), DIY projects and spending time with my nights, movie nights, baking, art and crafts...anything that involves making memories! 

Speaking of DIY projects, I completed a super easy project and had to share!  I spotted this lamp at thrift store for $7 and knew it had so much just needed some TLC!  When I went to purchase it, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was half off day!  Total score for $3.50!

The before...

A little "free" spray paint because I had it in my garage...

(Note: Next time I will use matte to reduce the shine)


I have more plans for this guy and DIY round 2 is happening soon, but for now, I love it!  Not bad for $3.50 and about 5 minute of my time!  I just used a shade I already had and it looks great! 

The "new" lamp" led to making a few other changes in this season, new look!  When fall comes around, I am ready for cozy spaces!  With just a few new additions from the Better Homes & Gardens line from Walmart, this space has a fresh new look and I look forward to spending lots of time in here!


Out with the old, in with the new...this shag, trellis rug caught my eye because I love texture!  Texture is a great way to add interest and warmth to a space, especially when you have a neutral color scheme! 

New throw pillows make a big impact without spending a ton. The pillows I added were all under $15 each and are great quality.   The Better Homes & Gardens line has so many affordable options. I mixed and matched a few new pillows with some I already had for an eclectic look.  The faux fur pillows are so cozy and soft and I love them paired with the modern farmhouse style striped pillows!  

Link: Faux Fur Pillow

Link: Set of 2 Striped Pillows

And cozy, throw blankets are a must for movie nights!

Don't be scared to mix patterns!  This throw was so affordable at under $15 and is perfect for the winter months, too!

Since we enjoy playing games, I knew these oversized floor cushions would be a great addition to this room. We know have a comfy spot to play games!

Once I received them, I realized they fit under my coffee table perfectly!  

On the table I kept things simple with a vintage inspired dough bowl, another great find from the Better Homes & Gardens line!  I love pieces like this because they can be switched up easily with seasonal filler! 

This wicker tray is also from the Better Homes & Gardens line.  The contrasting texture of the wicker material look great against my metal table!  Of course, I gabbed a new candle for fall...this Cashmere Amber scent is new from Better Homes & Gardens candle collection and it smells amazing!  

Link: White Serving Tray

I love the way everything turned out and look forward to spending lots of time in here! 

To kick off the fall season and to get into the Halloween spirit, I planned a super simple, yet super fun, game night!  All you need is a few fun games and a whole lot of yummy snacks!  Some of our go to games are Jenga, Shut the Box, Bounce Off, Sorry and Uno Attack. For a festive touch, I put together a simple Halloween themed charcuterie board for us to snack on!  My daughter loved it!

We eat pretty healthy most of the time, so a junk food charcuterie board was a fun treat for her....and me! 

Link: White Serving Tray

It was so fun to put together and this tray was perfect for holding all of our yummy treats!  I know it will come in handy for entertaining in the future!  Spoiler alert...we didn't even touch a fourth of that, but that just means we had lots of leftovers to enjoy for awhile!

The new floor cushions were put to use and made game playing much more enjoyable!

Link: Tufted Floor Cushion

We had so much fun kicking of fall with snacks, festive pajamas, games and lots of laughs!  Fun times and great memories! 

I am looking forward to planning more fun nights at home!  Next up pumpkin carving and  arts and crafts night! What are some of your favorite stay at home activities?  

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