Monday, March 31, 2014

Pretty Things {Ruffle Shower Curtains}

I get a lot of compliments on my guest room shower curtain, you can see it HERE!  I happened to come across it on eBay one day, but I looked to see if it was still available and the seller no longer has any.  I did a little shopping for you and came up with these fun options....

Link: Waterfall Shower Curtain (more colors available

While writing this post, I realized that every shower curtain in my house has at least one ruffle on it! I may have an obsession with them! 
Which one is your favorite? 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate {Industrial Ladder Shelf]

I have been doing some sourcing for a client's office design board.  She sent me the first photo as an inspiration photo and wondered if I could find something less expensive but with the same look.  Not only did I find one that is a very close is a fraction of the price! 

Break the Bank:
Link: Shipyard Shelving Unit

Link: Metal Bookcase

While I am always cautious to order something online that I have never seen in person, World Market has a reputation for quality products so I would feel fine recommending this to my client.  Another helpful hint while shopping online is to check the online reviews!  This particular piece does not have any reviews yet, but it is always good to take time to read them if they are provided!

What do you think? Isn't this a great find!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ikea Hack {Oversized Canvas Chalkboard}

 One day, while roaming the aisles of Ikea, I came across this huge hanging canvas.

I loved the size and saw major project potential!  The price tag of $19.99 was even more appealing so in my cart it went!  I am not going to sat in the "project pile" for months until one night I broke out the chalkboard paint and made this.... (Ignore my chalk art...I was in a hurry!)

I ended up doing about 4 coats to cover the entire design, but it went pretty quickly!  I painted the wood rods a medium gray color and lightly sanded them for a distressed look.  I even painted the twine that it hangs from and gave it a once over with the sand paper!

I am pretty pleased with this $20 project!  It is hanging on the wall in my daughter's play area...and is the first piece to start a little makeover in that area!  I have a lot to do but I look forward to sharing it with you as I go!

I believe this particular item has been discontinued, but I did find a similar piece if you are interested in making you own canvas chalkboard!

Link: Ikea SILVAKRA hanging picture

I will be back tomorrow with another Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate post...and this one is a good one!  Enjoy your day!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate {Glass Lantern Pendant}

I promise I will be posting about other things besides Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate finds, but I have been finding some great items and just have to share!  I have received several emails from readers that purchased the Arch Mirror...I am so happy you all scored that great mirror!  I actually went back and bought one for myself and I LOVE it!

Okay...a few days ago I got an email from Sara asking me to find a cheapskate version of this:

Break the Bank:
Ballard Designs
Link: Small Eldridge Pendant

Honestly, I feel like $149 is a fair price, but that doesn't mean I didn't shop around to see what else I could find.  Sara needed 3 of them to hang over her large kitchen island, so I can understand why she wanted to see what I could find....and I found something pretty great!

World Market
Link: Glass Pendant Lantern

Pretty great find, isn't it....and the $50 savings doesn't hurt!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate {Wire Crate Chandelier}

I know, I know...another Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate post, but I am giddy over this one!  Enough of the small talk...check this out!! 

Break the Bank:
$1398 (wowza)
Link: Wire Crate Chandelier


I LOVE this light....trying to figure out where I could put this in my home and I bet the husband would be thrilled I saved over $1000! ;)  Do you always justify your purchases by bragging about how much you saved or I am the only one? 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate {Arch Window Frame Mirror}

Today we are talking about arched "window" mirrors.  I had a sweet reader contact me asking me to find her a "cheapskate" version of Wisteria's Conservatory Arch Mirror and I think I found her some great options!!  Check it out...

Break the Bank:
Conservatory Arch Mirror

Lola Distressed Arch Mirror
$179 (sale $129)
Here is another option that is a little higher than the "cheapskate" version, but still a reasonable price for a large mirror!
Arch Window Wall Mirror
$215.99  **update: an awesome reader just informed me that this one is on sale for $131.98 now, awesome deal**
Which one is your favorite?  I really love them all, but for the price difference, I think the 2nd or 3rd would be my picks!
Is there an item you love but would like to find it's less expensive twin?  Email me at and I will see what I can find!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pinterest Told Me To, So I did!

Today I am collaborating on a super fun project with a friend, sorority sister and fellow blogger.  The adorable Sheaffer over at Pinterest Told Me To asked me to team up with her on a little project and of course I jumped at the chance. 

How cute is she...and yes, she is as bubbly in person as she appears in her pictures!  

Sheaffer has an amazing blog that is focused on dressing cute...seriously, it is a one stop shop for everything cute!  She puts outfits together, alerts you to sales and does the shopping for you!  You do not even have to go to the mall, she provides links to all her outfits on her blog. You can shop from your one will ever know!

When she isn't posting cute outfits, links to awesome sales or naming her "must have" items, she fills in the blanks with her hilarious Bachelor recaps!  I quit watching the show this season and just relied on her comical recaps to keep me in the loop...way more entertaining than the real thing!  Click HERE for her last recap! So funny!!

Sheaffer is teaming up with Lulu and Georgia and asked me to create a few design boards using their products!  Click  HERE to check it out!...see you there!  There might even be a GIVEAWAY!

Also, don't forget to visit my Facebook page to enter my giveaway!  Click here!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate {Glass Drop Chandeliers}

Crystal chandeliers are timeless and add a touch of sparkle to any room.  A few years ago I was in the market for one and here are a few I came across. 

Break the Bank:
Pottery Barn Clarissa Extra Large Chandelier

Cheapskate: Crystal Drop Chandelier:
Break the Bank:
Pottery Barn Clarissa Round Chandelier
Cheapskate: Crystal Cone Chandelier
I ended up buying the Overstock Cone Chandelier and couldn't be more pleased with the quality! 
Is there a light you love and would like to find a less expensive version?  Email the link to and I will see what I can find!

Monday, March 17, 2014

My Home Tour {Guest Bathroom}

We moved into this home at the end of September 2013 so I am slowly starting to complete some rooms.  Our downstairs guest bath is one of my favorite spaces.  It is a little rustic with feminine touches and vintage accents.  I really love the way it has all come together!

I fell in love with this ruffle shower curtain I found on eBay!  This was my first purchase (before we moved in) and set the tone for the rest of the space!

A rustic wood wall sconce adds a little interest to the room and deviates from typical wall decor.  I added a topiary in a vintage planter to add a natural element to the space and the small jar next to it holds chocolate mints for guests....can you tell we just had guests, I need to refill it!

Candles are great in any room, even without lighting them, they give off a nice, subtle fragrance...

A view from the reflection in the mirror....

This apothecary cabinet was another item I fell in love with and purchased before we moved in. This little cove was once a doorway from the guest room to the bathroom.  I hated how crowded the two doors made the room feel so I had the builder close in the door way.  I really love the little nook that was created and knew the minute I saw this cabinet, it would be perfect in the space.  I also love the storage it provides for towels and decor!

A vintage shutter, antique mirror and a tiered basket sit on top of the shelf...wash cloths and hand towels are rolled up and ready for guests...

I found the driftwood frame at Home Goods and knew it would be the perfect accent above the towel rack....

A close up of the decor on the apothecary shelf....

A simple barn wood frame finishes off this wall, along with a striped hand towel and mason jar night lite.
 It is nice to have at least one room finished!

Love the look?  Here are a few items that I found to help you create the look:

Source Links:
Mirror /   Shower Curtain  / Topiary / Soap Bowl /Apothecary Jars / Hand towel /  Piper Tiered Basket / Window Frame / Mason Jar Night Light

Looking forward to sharing more completed rooms soon!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

E-Design Services

One of my favorite parts of my job is to work with clients designing their perfect room!  While I do offer full design services, my e-design boards are great option for out of area clients.   The process is very easy, a lot of fun and will leave you with a design board and source list so you can complete the look on your own time frame!

Several of my boards have become popular on Pinterest via my personal blog, but I have deactivated that blog so I wanted to share some of my boards here!  

Traditional living room in neutrals and blue:
 Vintage/Industrial Breakfast Nook:
 French Country Office:
 French "farmhouse" master bedroom:
 Anthropologie inspired teen room:
 Old World/Eclectic Living Room
 Coral and Blue Master:
Elegant/Old World Master:

 French Cottage Dining Room:
 Coastal Living Room:

 Vintage-Mod Boy's Nursery:

Rustic Sitting Area/Office:
Eclectic Girl's Nursery:

 (Due to the contractual agreement with my clients, I decline to share specific sources for the items used in my designs. Thank you for understanding!)

You can find me on Pinterest HERE
You can find me on Instagram HERE
You can find me on Facebook HERE

If you are interested in my e-design services, please send an email to for more information!