Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Finds: {Farmhouse Flash Sales}

Happy Good Friday to you!!  My little one has been home sick all week so I didn't get a chance to do a regular Friday Finds post...but I saw these great deals and threw togethera "flash sale finds" real quick!  Here's the deal...these items are only available for a limited time and in limited quantities, so act fast if you see something you have to have!!  All product's direct affiliate links are listed below the image!  Just click on the description to be taken to that particular item. 

Direct Product Affiliate Links:
Link   1. Tiered Wire Basket
Link   2. Wood and Metal Ladder
Link   3. Round Bird Mirror
Link   4. Botanical Prints-Set of 6
Link   5. Large Metal Sweet Tea Sign
Link   6. Wooden Farmer's Caddy
Link   7. Window Frame Antiques Sign
Link   8. Set of 2 Metal Canisters
Link   9.  Metal Wall Clock
Link 10. Set of 3 Rustic Nesting Tables

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Tuesday Ten: {Galvanized Garden}

I am so happy spring is here!  It is time to get those porches and patios ready for entertaining!  I have rounded up 10 galvanized goodies to give you a head start!  You might recognize #10...the large planters!  I have these and love them, they looked great mixed in with other metal planters!  All items are linked below, just click on the description to be taken to the online retailer!

Direct Product Affiliate Links:
Link   1. Set of 6 Aged Metal Planters
Link   2. Metal Watering Can
Link   3. Metal and Iron Garden Table
Link   4. Metal and Glass Terrarium
Link   5. French Themed Planters-Set of 3
Link   6. 3 Tiered Serving Tray
Link   7. Set of 4 Metal Wall Pocket Planters
Link   8. Metal Plant Stand/Cart
Link   9. Oversized Grid Planters-Set of 3
Link 10. Metal Beverage Tub with Stand

Friday, March 18, 2016

Easter Egg Hunting with Tuesday Morning

Happy Friday morning to you!  Friday Finds will be back next week! Today I am guest posting over on the Tuesday Morning Blog sharing some fun and simple Easter egg hunt ideas!
Here is a sneak peek of what you will see over there...

 Loving this cute sign from Tuesday Morning...

Lots of yummy treats served on cute bunny ceramic pieces from Tuesday Morning...
Large, decorative eggs filled with fun surprises from Tuesday Morning are all ready for the hunt...

Hop on over to see the post by clicking here: Tuesday Morning Blog!
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Thank you, Tuesday Morning, for sponsoring this post and allowing me to share all my fun Easter finds with my readers!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cute Cubby Shelf and the Close5 new addiction!

Good morning, I hope you all are having a great week!  I am so excited about this post for a few reasons:

1.  I am sharing a great piece I recently became the proud owner of...
2.  I am sharing how I came across it and the details on my new favorite app.

I am warning you right now...if you love to shop flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, Craigslist, etc. for great deals, you are going to love this app!  I am addicted!

The clever people at Close5 contacted me a few weeks ago and introduced me to their amazing app. I will be the first to admit that I am not "in the know" with the latest and greatest apps but this one sounded pretty great.  Of course, I love my social media apps but other than that, the only apps I really have on my phone are games my daughter plays occasionally when we are out and about! Well once I downloaded the Close5 app, I was hooked! You can download it here: Close5 App Download

This app is so much fun and so simple to use!  You simply create an account and are able to buy and sell items in your area...hello, online marketplace!   You can set your location so that the app will search items within a certain radius of your pick the distance!

I went right to work searching keywords like " vintage", "antique", "industrial", "reclaimed", "shelf", "cubby".....and so on.  I found a few items right off the bat that I thought might work in my home, but the cubby shelf won me over the minute I saw it!

After contacting the seller and letting him know I wanted to purchase the shelf, it was a done deal!  Luckily, this shelf was located roughly 15 miles from my house so I picked it up that day!  It was even better in person...I love it!

Here is the cubby shelf in my home now...

My plan is to hang it up on the wall eventually but I keep moving it around!  I love it in our entryway right now.  It is one of those pieces that I can change up for every season!  These faux, potted plants were the perfect accessories for spring!  And I love the metal hardware on the sides....

Now, here is the only problem, I am on the app ALL OF THE TIME searching for goodies...I actually just bought an antique bed for my daughter's room over the weekend that I found on Close5! You will love it as much as I do! Check it out for to download: Close5 App Download
Make sure and let me know what treasure you come across on Close5!

Thank you, Close5 App, for sponsoring this post and allowing me to share your wonderful app with all my readers!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Tuesday Ten: {Farmhouse Inspired Accessories}

Today on the Tuesday Ten....10 farmhouse inspired accessories to give your room a fresh look for spring!  All products are directly linked below!

Direct Product Affiliate Links:
Link   1. Set of 3 Wood Candle Holders
Link   2. Hanging Olive Buckets-Set of 2
Link   3. Set of 3 Wood Slat Trays
Link   4. Set of 2 Wooden Terrariums
Link   5. Striped Pillow Cover
Link   6. Glass Demijohn Bottle
Link   7. Wooden Caddy with Vases
Link   8. Mini-Succulents Set of 6
Link   9. Galvanized Accent Table
Link 10. Boxwood Wreath

Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Finds: {Bookshelves Under $300}

Happy Friday!  For today's Friday Finds post, I am sharing some awesome, industrial style shelving units for under $300 (one of them is over $300 normally, but it is on sale so it made the cut!). 

One of the most asked about items in my home is this shelving unit I found at Homegoods a few years ago.  I have searched high and low for it online and *think* I found it. 

Check out number 1 below.  Now, the wood color looks a bit different so I am not totally sure  it is the exact one, but the measurements and the other details are exactly the same.  With that said, it could be the picture that makes the wood color look off or it might actually be a different wood color.  A little sanding and stain could have it look exactly like mine in no time and the price is very reasonable! Each item's direct affiliate link is below the collage!  Just click on the corresponding number/description for the retailer!

Product Affiliate Links:
1. Link: Regan Etagere
2. Link: Cobek Shelf
3. Link: Homelegance Shelf
4. Link: Barrister Bookcase
5. Link: Campaign Bookshelf
6. Link: Emerson Open Shelf

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Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Tuesday Ten: {Farmhouse Caddies, Cubbies, Shelves and Bins}

Bins, cubbies and caddies are a few of my favorite things!!  Today's Tuesday Ten finds focus on function and style!  All of these items not only look cute but would serve as great storage solutions! You may have seen  #1 in my social media posts, it is the same caddy we use in our playroom to store markers, crayons, pencils, etc.  You can find the direct affiliate product link to each item under the collage.  Just click on the corresponding numbered description for the link to purchase!

Product Affiliate Links:
 Link  1.  Distressed Wood Caddy (I own this one and love it!)
 Link  2.  Chalkboard Wall Caddy
 Link  3.  Rotating Metal Bin / Lazy Susan
 Link  4.  Apothecary Style Wall Cubby
 Link  5.  Galvanized Metal Caddy
 Link  6.  Desktop Organizer
 Link  7.  Metal Wall Cubby Shelf
 Link  8.  Wooden Chalkboard Bins
 Link  9.  6 Drawer Desktop Organizer
 Link 10. Rustic 2 Drawer Wall Organizer

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Another year older, following your passion and some exciting news!!

I have been keeping a secret for what seems like years...even though it has only been about 6 months.   Since today is my birthday and this secret is a dream come true for me, I decided today was a good day to share! 

Before I spill the details, I wanted to share a few thoughts as I enter the last year of my thirties!  Long story short, it took me several years to find my passion.  As a 20 year old, I became a mom and a wife and put all my focus on that.  I didn't really get the chance to explore my passion and find my niche like most young adults get to do.  I left college when my daughter was born to care for her.  My husband and I worked our tails off to provide for her and to create the lifestyle that we wanted.  That included years of living paycheck or paycheck, doing without any extras, driving old cars....etc!  But you know what, we did it!  We did it without any help, but all through hard work and determination.  My husband is one of the hardest workers I know and he continues to march up the corporate ladder today, I am so proud of him and all his hard work!

That story leads me to the "now".  For 18 years, I have raised kids, been the nurse, been the counselor, the cook, the  hostess, the chauffeur, the courier, the maid, the best friend, the worst enemy, the advice giver, the hairdresser, the tutor, the teacher, the shopping partner, the ATM,  the one that knows nothing, the one that might know something, the best mom, the worst get the idea.  And through all the ups and down that motherhood brings, I wouldn't change a thing and I am so grateful that I was blessed with 2 amazing daughters!  With that said, I think it is easy to lose a little bit of your identity when you are a stay at home mom and as my girls got older, I craved to have something that was "my thing"....something that when my girls were all grown up and had their own lives, I had something that kept me motivated and that I loved to do!

When my youngest daughter, who is now 8, started school a few years ago, we had just moved into the home we live in now.  Randomly, I started posting updates on Instagram of how I was decorating our home.  I had done interior styling work in the past but it was just a part time gig when someone was interested.   All of the sudden, I noticed that people, other than my mom and a few friends, started following me and were interested in my work.  All of the sudden I was connecting with a whole group of talented people that shared the same passion as I do.  All of the sudden, I was excited and passionate about my work.  All of the sudden, I started brainstorming new ideas for my home and was excited to get creative again! Don't get me wrong...I was perfectly fine being all those things mentioned above, but it was so refreshing to have my own "thing"!  After posting for about a year, I got an email from a major home decor retailer asking me if I would be interested in guest blogging on their company blog....ummm....what?  Of course I agreed, but was terrified of not living up to their expectations. However, I knew that if one of my girls were presented with an opportunity that would make them grow as a person and challenge them to step out of their comfort zone, then I would tell them to go for I had to, too!  Before long, I had  other companies reaching out, companies that I had been a customer of for years and years.  These people wanted to work with me!!  I couldn't believe it!  While my goal of sharing pictures on Instagram never included making it into a job, I couldn't be more thrilled at the opportunities that have come my way.  I feel blessed everyday that I get to do what I am passionate about and contribute to my family!

Stick with me here...I am getting to the good stuff!

So last fall I got a private message from Kim Leggett of City Farmhouse asking me if my home had ever been featured in a publication.  I had been approached a few times, but things didn't work out due to the fact they wanted me to stop posting pictures of my home on social media and I just couldn't agree to that.  Of course, I was bummed about that because one of my dreams was to have my home featured in a magazine but I knew it would happen when the time and details were right!
I replied to Kim not really knowing what this was all about and told her no, it had not.  She then replied asking if I would be interested in having our home featured in the new book she was writing.  Ummmm......what?? Ummmmm...yes, please!!  I immediately replied that I would be absolutely honored to be a part of the book and after signing a contract and having to keep quiet for awhile, I am so excited to share the news with all of you today!!

In less than 4 weeks, Kim and her crew of photographers will be coming to Dallas for the week and setting up shop in my home for the book shoot.  Of course I keep moving things around and keep questioning everything I have done in my home up to this point, but I am also reminding myself that she contacted me because she liked what she saw! However, I will continue to be anxious and excited for them to get here and see the process!

The book will be released in the fall of 2017 and while that seems like a long time away, I cannot wait to share updates with you and bring you along for the wild ride!!  You can read more about Kim, her amazing antique shop and the book on her website: City Farmhouse! Be sure and check out her press release about the book here: City Farmhouse Style !

My whole point in posting this long, rambling post is to encourage you to find your passion, follow your heart and work hard!  You just might surprise yourself with what comes your way!  Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this!  Thank you to each one of you that follow me on social media and like my photos or leave encouraging comments.  I am so thankful that you all have encouraged and supported this little journey I am on and have been such a huge part of it!  I also realize I did not win the Nobel Peace Prize or an Oscar and this might not be a big deal to some, but this is a dream come true to me and I am so excited!  My house...featured in a coffee table book...forever...pinch me!!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Finds: {Industrial Farmhouse for Less}

Happy Friday!  I have a big treat for you today but you have to act fast as this huge sale ends today!  World Market is having a "BUY MORE, SAVE MORE" event and it is a good one!  You can save up to 25% on your total purchase!  Now is the time to purchase those big ticket items!

I rounded up some of my favorite items just to show you some of the great products up for grabs!  All item's  direct affiliate links on the scroll bar under the image!  Just click on the image and it will take you to that particular item! I have included the Bexley Bar, a n item I just added to our media room and I have also included the table that we use in our playroom!  I love both items!  Make sure and use the code "YESPLEASE" to receive your discount!

Product Affiliate Links (scroll through and click on items for direct link):


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Tuesday Ten: {Laundry Room Love}

Let's face it, doing laundry isn't fun but with a few of these cute products, you can turn your laundry room into a space you do not mind spending time in!  All sources are linked below, just click on the description for that product's source! 

Product Affiliate Link:  (Click on corresponding number and description for online retailer):
 #1 Link: Wall Mount Storage Bins
 #2 Link: Wood Laundry Sign
 #3 Link: Vintage Advertising Plaques
 #4 Link: Industrial Hall Tree
 #5 Link: Safety Pin Wall Decor-Set of 2
 #6 Link: Metal Trash Pail
 #7 Link: Metal "Laundry" Storage Tin
 #8 Link: Rolling Laundry Cart (6 colors available)
 #9 Link: Laundry Wall Plaque/Hooks
#10 Link: Jute Storage Basket

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