Sunday, February 23, 2014

{Garden Ridge Goodies}

  I stopped into Garden Ridge the other day just because I happened to pass it and had some time on my hands.  It is not very close to my home so it is not a place I frequent a lot.  To be totally honest, I had written it off a few years ago when I went in and found a huge selection of cheap scrubs, children's books and not much else.  Well let me tell you....things have changed!  I am happy to say that they have some great items and I will be making the trip back there a few times a month!  Here are just a few of the items that stopped me in my tracks!

Scatter rugs...these are great to add a pop of color to a bathroom, hallway, kitchen or in front of your doors!  These ranged from $9.99-$19.99 and they had some great colors and patterns!  I grabbed a gray and white chevron one for our back door!


 Hello giant letters...I have never seen letters this large! The picture doesn't do them justice, they are HUGE!  These were priced at $89, which sounds like a lot, but like I said...these are massive!

 I just did a post on industrial metal seating and then I come across these!  They had the best color selection I have seen! These were priced at $34.99 for counter height and $44.99 for bar height...such a great price for these!

 Let's talk chairs...they have a ton of accent chairs priced at $199 with a great selection of prints and styles.  I cannot wait to use these in some of my client's homes! 

 I couldn't believe the amazing selection of topiaries.  If you have shopped around for these you know they can get pricey! The one pictured in the galvanized bucket was $29.99 and about 3ft. tall!  I will probably go back and pick up a few to use for spring decor! 

 This little tray table caught my eye....driftwood color and industrial metal legs always makes me stop and take a look.  For $49.99 this would be a great accent table.  I almost bought it to create a mini-bar area in my husband's office.  It one of many things that I am considering going back for!

 And last but not least....area rugs! They have some fabulous area rugs! This was an 8 x 10 for $249!   Their selection of different styles, color and patterns was impressive.  Some of them did not look like they were the best quality, but once I dug around a little, I found several that I would recommend to clients!

I cannot wait to go back and see what else I can find!


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    1. I'm in the Dallas area and there are a few locations. I know they are in OK too, but not sure about other states. Check out their website and check the store locator! Hope you find one close! :)