Thursday, June 18, 2015

Styling Tips: {Decorative Solutions for Towel Storage}

No matter how big or small a house is, I think everyone can benefit from extra storage space.  Today I am sharing some unconventional ways to store (and display) towels.
The first picture is of our upstairs guest bath.  This bathroom is connected to our guest bedroom and also opens up to the hall for use from the media room and game room.  It is not a huge bathroom and only has the storage space under the sink, which is pretty small.  I came across this wire, hanging basket at HomeGoods and knew it would look great in this room!  The decorative towels add a pretty pattern to the room and it is nice to have them accessible to our guests! 

The next picture is of a space in our master bathroom.  This rustic wood shelf was the perfect piece for this wall.  I wanted something that created visual interest but also brought in extra storage space.  Glass apothecary jars hold items we use daily but also double as accessories.  Our towels are stored in these galvanized buckets for easy access.  I think this area creates a spa like feel.

Since we have a walk-in shower and the walls are tiled, I did not want a typical towel rack.  I found this old, chippy ladder at an antique store and knew it was the perfect solution for this corner.  I hung a galvanized bucket on the top to hold wash cloths and used the other bars for bath towels. 

In our downstairs bathroom, I used a bath towel to hold other towels.  I simple tied it up with rope and rolled up the other towels to store inside! So instead of one towel, there are four that are easily accessible as well as room for a few hand towels!

Ombre Ruffle Shower Curtain available: HERE!

And lastly, this is one of my favorite areas.  This is on my bathroom vanity.  This three tiered stand holds hand towels and is also used for jewelry storage.  I love the bowls I found at HomeGoods to hold my bracelets. 

Sometimes you have to think outside the box (or in this case cabinet) for fun and functional storage options! I hope these ideas have inspired you to come up with a creative way to store your towels and other items in your bathroom!


  1. It really is interesting to think about all the different kinds of things that can be done to keep your house both functional as well as beautiful. Being able to have amazing storage options throughout your house can be something that ends up keeping the home look clean and feel cozy. I personally really like that you showed how baskets can be a great tool to keep your towels wrapped and still looking stylish. Hopefully there are those who are finding some inspiration from this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Is that three tiered stand in the bathroom for sale? I wasn't sure if you make them.

    1. I do not make them but you can find similar in this post:

  3. Where did you get the rustic wood shelf in your master bathroom? I love it!

    1. You can find one almost identical linked in this post. It is number one, link is under the image!