Saturday, August 22, 2015

Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate: {Crystal Drop Chandeliers}

A Saturday post?  I know, crazy...but I am trying to be a better blogger and have something fun to share with you today! 

Now let's talk about these chandeliers!  I have #4 in our guest room and love it!  The price cannot be beat.  Also, the fact that these" cheapskates" have more expensive cousins from Pottery Barn and look nearly identical is a great thing!  Sources for the "cheapskate" versions are linked below. 

Break the Bank:
Pottery Barn Clarissa Line

Cheapskate: {Click on description to be taken to affiliate link}
   1. Antique Copper Rectangular Chandelier
   2.  Antique Silver Rectangular Chandelier
   3. Antique Silver Cone Shaped Chandelier
   4. Antique Copper Cone Shaped Chandelier

Pretty great prices, right?  Just think of all the stuff you can buy with the money you saved! 
Enjoy your Saturday!

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