Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Farmhouse Finds with Tuesday Morning

Hello, friends!  Today I am over on the Tuesday Morning Blog talking about my favorite farmhouse finds!  If you follow me on social media, then you know how much I love Tuesday Morning and how I always find the best stuff there!! 

Before you head over there, I wanted to share some helpful hints with you on how I score the best stuff at your local Tuesday Morning store.  Click here to find the location nearest you!

1. Shop often! I stop by Tuesday Morning any chance I can get.  Being that they get new inventory in multiple times a week, their inventory is always changing and sells quick!

2. Go down every aisle! You never know what you might find and what might be hiding in an odd place. Since they have such a wide variety of stuff, take your time looking on every shelf!

3. If you see something you like but need more than one, they can check the SKU and locate the item in another location! I have done this a time or 2 and have always had great luck finding more than one item!  Their staff is always very helpful!

4. If you aren't sure about an item, buy it anyway...you can always return it.  I learned the hard way when I didn't get something the first time, then went back and it was long gone! They have a great return policy and it is always best to take the item home and try it out!

5. Shop multiple locations if you can.  I am very lucky and have several stores within 30 minutes or so from my home.  Depending on where I have errands to run, I am always checking out any Tuesday Morning that happens to be near!

6.  Shop for seasonal/holiday items early!  They get their seasonal inventory in somewhat early so buy it when you see it because it sells so quickly!

7.  Sign up for their email list  to be "in the know" about new products that are arriving in store!

Hopefully those tips will be helpful to you! 

Now onto the good stuff....my farmhouse favorites from Tuesday Morning.
Here are just a few:

My industrial rolling cart is charming and functional!  At under $60, it was a must have for me!

Large, off white pillows added some texture to our living room!  I love changing up pillows for each season so for $14.99, these did the trick!

I love this little "prep" canister!.  Paired with vintage utensils, it is the perfect way to add farmhouse flair to this space!
To see more of my farmhouse finds, head on over to the Tuesday Morning blog by clicking: HERE!
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  1. Where did you get your round cutting boards behind your stove?

    1. Hi there! That one is an antique store find! Tuesday Morning does carry some that are round though!