Thursday, June 28, 2018

Create Your Own Mood Board: {Sponsored by Corian® Design}

This is a paid advertorial sponsored by Corian® Design.  All opinions are my own.  It is always a pleasure to work with companies and share their products with my audience. 

One question I get asked often is how I would describe my style. I think it is so hard to actually define your personal style with one word.  I know mine changes frequently, has aspects of several different styles and is somewhat unique. My home is full of items that could be categorized under everything from boho and modern to rustic and vintage.  From my vintage grocery sign and my old card catalog to my cozy fringe throw pillows, rustic wood pieces and my huge galvanized chandelier, I love to be surrounded by a curated collection of special things I have gathered over the years.

I am sure you have heard of Corian® Design, as they are known for their extensive collection of beautiful solid surfaces and quartz materials in a great variety of colors and patterns. When they introduced their new  Moodboard Maker, I couldn't wait to create my own board using things that inspire me and that define my style.  Whether you are redecorating a room, starting a new build from scratch or just want to create an inspiration board filled with your favorite things, their Moodboard Maker is a perfect tool to use in the creative process.  I found it very user friendly and a lot of fun to use!

Step one was to select a style. Since my home is full of rustic wood pieces, driftwood décor and various metal accents, I decided "organic" was what I would go with.  I love that each style is represented by a unique shape!

Once you select your style, you will be prompted to select a Corian® solid surface or Quartz design material for your board.  This step was great because I want to replace my existing counter tops in the future. Through the Moodboard Maker, I can see what different options I have and how they would flow with the other elements in my home.  I went with Valente Pearl, a gorgeous off white surface with subtle veining. 

The next step is to select other items you want to see on your board.  You can pick from their photo library of preloaded images or you can upload your own photos to use.  I uploaded several images of things in my home that represent my personal style including birch wood logs, my metal card catalog, my cozy wool rug, my chippy wood and metal chandelier and a pretty fern.

After you upload your images, you can place each item into the spaces as you wish.  I loved seeing everything come together to create this unique moodboard and feel it is a great representation of my style.

The process was quick, easy and lots of fun!  One of the benefits for me was to get a good visual idea of what the Corian® surfaces will look like with the items already present in my home!  I think this tool is a great way to put all your ideas in one place and to create a board to work off of.  Once you are finished creating your unique board, you have the option of printing it or ordering a framed print to use as inspiration!

Now it is your turn to create a unique mood board that defines your style and lets you use your creativity!  I cannot wait to create more moodboards with this great tool.  I know my 10 year old daughter is eager to create her own moodboards, too!

Head on over to the Corian® Moodboard Maker by clicking here:  Create Your Own Moodboard!

Make sure and follow Corian® Design on their social media channels and share your moodboard using the hashtag #CorainMoodboardMaker!  I cannot wait to see what you create!

Thank you, Corian® Design, for sponsoring this post and allowing me to share your new Moodboard Maker with my audience!

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