Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ikea Hack {Oversized Canvas Chalkboard}

 One day, while roaming the aisles of Ikea, I came across this huge hanging canvas.

I loved the size and saw major project potential!  The price tag of $19.99 was even more appealing so in my cart it went!  I am not going to sat in the "project pile" for months until one night I broke out the chalkboard paint and made this.... (Ignore my chalk art...I was in a hurry!)

I ended up doing about 4 coats to cover the entire design, but it went pretty quickly!  I painted the wood rods a medium gray color and lightly sanded them for a distressed look.  I even painted the twine that it hangs from and gave it a once over with the sand paper!

I am pretty pleased with this $20 project!  It is hanging on the wall in my daughter's play area...and is the first piece to start a little makeover in that area!  I have a lot to do but I look forward to sharing it with you as I go!

I believe this particular item has been discontinued, but I did find a similar piece if you are interested in making you own canvas chalkboard!

Link: Ikea SILVAKRA hanging picture

I will be back tomorrow with another Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate post...and this one is a good one!  Enjoy your day!

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