Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate {Glass Lantern Pendant}

I promise I will be posting about other things besides Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate finds, but I have been finding some great items and just have to share!  I have received several emails from readers that purchased the Arch Mirror...I am so happy you all scored that great mirror!  I actually went back and bought one for myself and I LOVE it!

Okay...a few days ago I got an email from Sara asking me to find a cheapskate version of this:

Break the Bank:
Ballard Designs
Link: Small Eldridge Pendant

Honestly, I feel like $149 is a fair price, but that doesn't mean I didn't shop around to see what else I could find.  Sara needed 3 of them to hang over her large kitchen island, so I can understand why she wanted to see what I could find....and I found something pretty great!

World Market
Link: Glass Pendant Lantern

Pretty great find, isn't it....and the $50 savings doesn't hurt!


  1. I love your Break the Bank posts, so don't feel like there could be "too many".